8 Beauty Trends We Won’t Miss in 2017


Enough with the #browsonfleek



2016 was a big year for beauty. However, there were some trends we saw this year that we’d rather not see in 2017. Here, we list down eight beauty trends we’re bidding goodbye to, stat!:


1. Instagram brows. 


For some weird reason, overly drawn eyebrows became the standard of #browsonfleek this year. The trend was very popular on Instagram, even though it honestly looked like people used permanent marker to fill in their arches. Not cute.


2. Obscene contouring. 

In 2016, contouring definitely got out of hand. The technique is used to carve out cheekbones and feign jawlines, but people took it to the next level and started contouring pretty much their entire bodies. (Butt contouring happened, FYI.) While we love creating shadows on our faces now and then to make them appear just a little slimmer, regularly piling on a ton of sculpting products just isn’t worth the effort. For 2017, ditch the heavy contouring and go for a natural sculpt by learning how to place and blend your blush and bronzer—you’ll be amazed with the results.


3. Overly matte lips.


No doubt this was the year of liquid lipsticks with extremely matte finishes. A lot of cosmetics brands released a wide range of colors to cater to any and every woman’s matte liquid lipstick obsession. However, while they look amazing on photos, matte liquid lipsticks aren’t for everyone. First of all, they feel horrible on the lips—they literally suck out the moisture from your puckers. Second, they don’t flatter all lip shapes, especially since not everyone has lip fillers.


4. 100 layers of anything.


It began with a silly a YouTube video where a girl decided it was a cool idea to layer 100 shades of nail polishes. (Spoiler: It wasn’t cute.) Next, people decided to take it to the next level by layering hair extensions, mascaras, foundation, face mask and even lipstick. Okay, people, the challenge was funny for like, 10 seconds. At the end of the day, it was just a huge waste of beauty products.


5. Overlining the lips.


This technique is similar to contouring, only it’s on the lips. You apply a nude-pink lip liner a little past your natural lip line and fill it in with lipstick. We’re not sure how people thought this was cute, but it honestly looked like their lips got stung by a bee.


6. Claw nails.


This (scary) nail trend was huge in Hollywood for a while; everyone from Rihanna to the Kardashians was sporting them. Maybe if you’re of celeb status, you can get away with wearing them, too, since you probably have people at your every beck and call. Because imagine doing house chores with those digits? You’ll break not a nail, but a finger.


7. Permanent makeup.


Talk about long-lasting makeup! In 2016, many aesthetic centers in the Philippines and abroad started offering services for permanent makeup application. Some of the most popular treatments are permanent eyeliner, eyebrows, lip tint and even BB cream. While they may look ~*amazing*~ in the beginning, you have to take into account that as we age, our skin sags and loosens. Can you imagine how your perfectly shaped tattooed brows will look against your wrinkly forehead?


8. Weird beauty hacks using food.


In 2016, it seemed like beauty-obsessed girls started raiding their pantries to look for things they can use on their face and hair routines. We saw a blogger use Cheetos to curl her hair (the reveal at 9:38). Another used onions to make her brows grow, and yet another used coffee grounds to fill in her brows. What’s wrong with using makeup and hot tools again?






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