5 Beauty Essentials To Take To The Beach


Because more sun should mean more protection



Just because you’re on vacation does not mean you need to let go of your face. At the same time, you don’t want a routine identical to the one you use every other day of the year either. Going to the beach makes you vulnerable to a very particular and very harsh set of elements. From the salty air to the harsh sun rays, you'll need a new beauty strategy.



Your first line of defense needs to be sunblock. The SPF level generally depends on the kind and pigmentation of your skin (lighter skin = higher SPF), but do keep in mind that everyone needs to reapply every two hours or so, especially if you get in the water. 



Try out the SunExpert Body Shield with SPF 60 from Belo for super-strong protection.



To secure your skin even more, be generous with your moisturizer. Having the sun on your back all day will dry you out quickly, so you need to be mindful. On the downside, moisturizer can feel a little heavy during hot days, so combat the feeling by choosing something that’s as lightweight as it is effective.


Grab a bottle of Ciracle’s Oil Free Moisturizing Lotion, which will not leave your skin feeling oily and heavy.


Sun-safe Lippie

Cracked lips are a summer trend that you do not want to be part of. So ditch those heavy lipsticks that you often wear to the office and opt for something that is light on lips and will effectively nourish throughout the day. 



Take Sephora’s Rose Lip Balm for a run in order to keep your lips pinkish and moisturized.


Waterproof Makeup

Even when you’re in the water, it’s important not to look washed out. So keep your face slightly defined with waterproof makeup that won’t disappoint you. Just make sure to clean your face when you hit the hay at the end of a long day.


Benefit’s BADgal Mascara promises to create fuller looking and longwear lashes.


Smoothing Spray

If beach waves aren’t your look, then you should take some smoothing hair spray with you, which will revitalize and tame your locks. In a battle against the massive sea and the salty air, you’re going to need all the help you can get.



Don’t make it hard for yourself and take a bottle of Bench’s Frizz Away Serum with you. 






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