Coolest Hair Trends To Rock This Summer

Stay cool in the heat with these gorgeous, fuss-free styles



Festival Braids



How to get the look:

Apply volumizing hair product, like mousse or hair spray to secure hair and give it a lift. Then divide hair in the middle and fishtail each side, and secure with elastics. Loosen up the braid and let a few strands stick out et voila! Festival chic hair!


High Ponytail



How to get the look:

Upgrade your ponytail look and wear it high and sleek. Apply smoothing hair product and gather hair up towards the back of your crown. Keep it in place with elastics or a scrunchie. Then flat iron the tail and secure the look with hairspray. Finish the look by covering the elastics with a ribbon or hair ornament of your choice.


Surfer Chic



How to get the look:

For chicks with short hair, this might just be the look for you. Get lived in waves by spritzing on some sea salt pray and finger combing hair to the direction and style desired. Finish off with a final spritz and you’re off! Pro-tip: Best worn at the beach.


Ballerina Bun



How to get the look:

Get the clean, polished look of a ballerina with some hair-smoothing product and hair gloss. Section hair in two parts—top and bottom—and twist both counter clockwise and around both bases, and secure with bobby pins. Spritz on hair spray to keep the look in place.