How To Conceal And Heal Facial Acne


It’s time to get to the root of the problem!



You might remember a dark time in your teenage years when acne was normal and prevalent on your face. At the time it didn’t seem like the biggest deal because “it would pass” and well, everyone had it. Now that we’ve all grown up, you would think that acne would be the least of our problems. But alas, there are still moments when we need some extra concealer and good lighting to make our faces look flawless.


But beauty has gone a long way and there’s no need to choose between hiding and letting your acne heal. There are products that do both. As Miley Cyrus once sang, “It’s the best of both worlds.”


Cover FX, Mattifying Primer


The very first thing you should be putting on your face is primer, especially if you want to get the most out of your makeup. The mattifying primer from Cover FX is a lightweight gel product that minimizes pores and fine lines. But at its core, it can heal acne blemishes while helping out the blending and extension of your foundation.


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Smashbox, Photo Finish More Than Primer


Another gel primer option is from Smashbox. This one helps achieve clearer skin and minimize breakouts because it has 2 percent salicylic acid. Photo Finish More Than Primer also gives wearers oil-free hydration that lasts for hours.


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Hourglass, Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation


What’s great about this product from Hourglass is that it’s very lightweight and perfect for oil and acne-prone skin. There’s some kaolinite clay that battles acne, but also helps with the oil absorption. The finish looks very natural, too, and is perfect for barely-there makeup looks.


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bareMinerals, Blemish Remedy Foundation


If you prefer something of the powder variety, then try a remedy foundation from bareMinerals. It’s lightweight as well, but gives your skin a little more room to breathe because it isn’t liquid. The product contains aloe, which is known for helping minimize hyperpigmentation and inflammation. For a double whammy, it also has tea-tree oil that should help decrease oil build up.


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