What's Halo Eye Makeup And Is It For You?


if you’re looking to make your eyes appear bigger, this makeup trend is yours



Makeup is a powerful tool to have at your disposal, whether you’re looking to enhance a certain feature or fake it altogether. A hot trend for eyes right now is halo makeup, which makes them appear bigger and brighter. It’s a simple technique that is best for those with visible folds on their eyelids, simply because it will be less effective when you have a hooded eye.


The great thing, however, is that it will work with virtually any color scheme and intensity, so you can take the look to a casual lunch or a girls’ night out. Here’s how you do it:


1: Prime your eyes

Girls, the trick to having eye makeup that lasts all day is to first prime your lids. This step also helps making the colors brighter and more vibrant. Blend it in from the lid to the bottom of your brows.


2: Apple a mid-toned color to the inner and outer thirds

As mentioned earlier, you can go with any color scheme, but at this point it should be medium shade. Apply it only to the inner and outer thirds leaving the middle part of your lid completely free of product. Work the color into their respective creases as well.



3: Darken the edges

At the outer and inner most edges of your lid, apply either black or a darker shade within your chosen color scheme. Work this in to a concentrated area to create an ombre effect. Make sure to blend the mid and darker colors with each other to create a look that is as seamless as possible.


4: Apply a light color to the center of your lid

The focal point of the halo makeup look is the center of the lid, which you should cover with a light color. Metallics and shimmers work especially well or you can opt for a simple white. If you still want color, you can use a white base to make it clearer. 



Note: You can apply these steps at the bottom lash line to create a full effect.


5: Highlight the inner corner

Because the whole idea behind the trend is to make your eyes appear bigger and brighter, highlighting the inner corner of your eye will work wonders. You can use the same technique and/or shade as what was placed in the middle of your lid.


6: Apply mascara and eyeliner

For a more polished and defined look, line your eyes with black liner and finish off with a coat of mascara. 







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