7 Ways To Prolong Your Makeup


Wear your makeup longer with these tips



When wearing makeup, one can feel a little more confident and beautiful. But when makeup melts or builds up, one can also feel, well, less confident and even unpretty. Fear not! With the help of primers and longwearing cosmetic formulations, makeup stays put—yes, against all odds.


Here are some tips to help you prolong your makeup:

1. Use a lip primer.

A lip primer works just like any other primer by filling in fine lines. By doing the same wonders on lips while nourishing them, lipstick not only lasts longer, but gives your puckers a plumper look.


2. Two coats are better than one.

When it comes to applying lipstick, two coats are better than one. After applying the first coat, blot your lips with a soft tissue to let the pigment set and swipe another coat to keep the color in place. 


3. Use primer for a perfect looking canvas.

A makeup primer acts as a base for your makeup and works to prolong wear, brightens face and minimizes apperance of fine lines and pores—think of it as a blurring tool.



4. Pick a longwearing base.

Don’t settle for a base or foundation that isn’t guaranteed to last long. Foundations with matte or satin finish are the longest lasting types, and suit both normal and oily skin.


5. Set your makeup in place with powder.

Finish off with setting powder to lock all of that makeup in. Use only a small amount to avoid that cake-y finish.



6. Blot, blot, blot.

Sometimes, all you need in your kikay kit is an oil blotting sheet or a facial tissue to get rid of any excess oil. Brush off cosmetic build up with some powder and you look as fresh as you did this morning!


7. Go for weatherproof products.

Since the goal is to make makeup last, investing in weatherproof a.ka. waterproof and sweatproof beauty products is a must. Besides, no one wants their mascara to smear when it gets a little hot. Don't get us started with "disappearing" brows.




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