6 Beauty Trends To Leave Behind In 2017


The trends-turned-fads that we shouldn’t even consider revisiting in 2018



2017 was a lot of things. For one, it was nostalgic: Having seen a lot of the trends from past eras make a celebrated return, it seemed as though we backtracked to the 90’s this year. Just as well, 2017 was a great time for entertainment and other creatives industries: We got to witness fantastic pop culture moments that effected change. And if anything, we’ve never been more excited to see how these will alter the course of 2018 (we’re looking at you, male-dominated industries riddled with sexual harassment scandals. The women are about ready to take over). But of course, along with the cool, the pretty, the monumental and the practical, comes the weird, the wonky and the unconventional. We saw a lot of that in the beauty trends that took over 2017.


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For the love of all things beauty, people attempted a lot of strange things. If there’s anything the folks from this industry know how to do anyway, it’s to keep people on their toes and leave a lot of wiggle room for experimenting. There were trends that were gorgeous to look at but a pain to maintain (things like glossy eyelids and the lollipop lipstick trend). They looked amazing in photos, but definitely looked out of place in real life. Then there were trends that were an actual, literal pain…and that’s about it. Today, we round up six beauty trends that we saw everywhere (online) in 2017, but hope we don’t see any more of in the coming year. Keep scrolling for 6 Beauty Trends To Leave Behind This Year!


#1: Semi-Permanent BB Cream

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Procedures like microblading and semi-permanent lip tattoos were created to make life easier for people on the go. They require only one day at a clinic, a couple of hours in a chair and vegetable dye or tint administered through needle pricks (don’t worry, there’s anesthesia) and presto! You’ve got yourself a perfect set of brows that won’t come off. And in the case of lip tinting, you can save yourself a tube or two of lipstick since that color will stay on for a good year and a half to two years.


The two seem like ingenious ideas, but there’s another semi-permanent makeup procedure in the market that makes us cringe: semi-permanent BB cream. Clinics that provide this buzzy procedure say that the specially formulated BB cream goes deep into your skin to give you that natural no-makeup makeup look, an even complexion, smoother skin and smaller pores. You are essentially left with a ready makeup base that won’t come off for a good week.


Call us purists, but we’d rather stick to our trusty skincare routines—and let our skin breathe.


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#2: Squiggle Eyebrows

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This beauty trend started on Instagram as a well-meaning attempt to see just how far beauty girls can push the boundaries. The answer? Far…quite far. We suppose the fun here lies in the makeup application and being able to create squiggles that are elaborate and creative. It’s a weird trend but it’s also harmless (it definitely counts as one of those “Why? Well why not?” moments), so these girls can go carry on squiggling!


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#3: Squiggle Lips

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After squiggle eyebrows became a thing, wavy lips came next. The sky’s the limit with this trend, it seems.


#4: Glitter Lips

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Don’t get us wrong. This is a fabulous look: the glitz, the texture, the drama. And anything Pat McGrath creates, we’ll gladly get behind. This trend only makes it to the list because it’s a difficult look to maintain. There’s no need to bother with this anymore, too. In 2018, it’s all about ‘80s powdery mattes and gloss!


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#5: Unicorn Highlighting

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We have yet to see anyone looking like a walking Unicorn Frappuccino from Starbucks, but this is the general idea of this beauty trend: glittery highlighters in pastel shades—with very little blending—that call attention to themselves. This is, however, filed under “Instagram beauty trends” much like the squiggle brow, so it’s about art, self-expression and love for makeup and not so much about practicality.


#6: The Art Supply Makeup Challenge

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Like the beauty girls on Instagram, vloggers on YouTube also have their own little world where they take on makeup challenges such as the “No Blending” challenge, the “Full Face of Highlighters” challenge, the “Full Face of Rhinestones” challenge and this “Art Supply makeup” challenge. It gets pretty crazy. The whole idea of taking on goofy makeup challenges in order to entertain an audience is fine (hey, to each his own), but have we really gotten that bored?


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Another year, another round of weirdness. We’re equal parts anxious and excited to see what beauty trends make it big in 2018.


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