A Beginner’s Guide to Arci Muñoz’s Best Beauty Looks


A look through the beauty daredevil’s double-tap worthy makeup moments



If 2016 taught us anything about beauty, it’s this: inspiration is everywhere. It’s in films (see: 5 Fabulous Looks From Die Beautiful), in fashion editorials, on the red carpet and across our Explore tabs. Our latest beauty muse hails from the local showbiz scene, a market that has allowed her to carve out her identity as a little bit of everything: comedic, subversive, sexy––you name it.


Here, we shed the spotlight on actress and Philia frontwoman Arci Muñoz and the three times she put her best face forward.



True to the trio of too-cute emojis and caption that accompanied this photo on Arci’s Instagram, this particular look traces its pretty pink origins to Japan’s momoko or high blush trend. Arci pairs a shell pink pout, arched brows and long, thick eyelashes with her next-level flush. Who says cool girls can’t be cute, too?


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As if her multi-colored mane and bombshell appeal aren’t enough to steal attention, Arci resorts to one of our favorite foolproof head-turners: the smokey eye. But despite her unshakeable rebel persona, good old Ramona still takes pointers from the common beauty playbook. When dark eyeshadow is part of the equation, a nude, a clean swipe of nude, barely-there lipstick is in order.


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Arci has her obvious makeup constants (filled in brows, falsies and highlighted inner corners are top contenders), but her most daring guilty pleasure is a dark, matte lip—no questions asked. Elevating the power pout from the typical red, she takes moody purples, oxbloods and blacks for a spin, showing us that the most fearless shades are meant for flaunting. Take cues from Arci herself and sport the look with pared-down eyeshadow and long lashes for extra impact.


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Happy birthday Arci!






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