10 Ways To Make Your Nail Polish Last


Make the most out of your manicure



One of the easiest ways to pamper ourselves is to head to a salon and get our nails done. But while getting a manicure leaves us feeling refreshed and clean, there’s nothing that can ruin it like finding a chip some two or three days later—but we don’t have to accept this sitting down.



Wipe down your nails with vinegar

With a vinegar-dipped cotton swab, remove any product, dirt and natural oil from your nailbeds. Getting rid of them will ensure that the paint attaches directly onto your nail.


Leave your cuticles alone

When applying the polish, make sure it doesn’t reach your cuticles because this will lift the paint. And yes, do as they say, and don’t cut your cuticles out either. Instead, simply push them back.


Try the 2-in-1 Cuticle Pusher and Nipper (P402) from Sephora.


Dry your nails with cool air

Hot air doesn’t help your nail polish dry. So if you’re at home, use the cool feature on your dryer instead of blowing on your nails. As an alternate, you can dip your fingertips in an ice bath for a minute or two as well.



Double up your base

The tips of your nails are the most prone to damage (blame typing and texting). To counter this, add on an extra layer of protection. Double up on the base coat for the top half of your nails.


Try the Bench Base Coat (P59) from Zalora.


Reapply your clear coat

After two days or three days, apply an extra coat of clear polish on your nails.


Apply evenly

Make sure that the base, color and clear coats are applied evenly. This will ensure that your entire nail is sealed and there aren’t any weaker portions to your manicure.



Wash with soap, not hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer and anything with alcohol will ruin your top coat because it will cause drying. This means cracking, breaking and chipping.



Within that same thinking, it would also be nice to moisturize your nails and cuticles once in a while. So dab on some nail oil to make sure that your mani stays fresh and in shape.


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File and recoat

It’s inevitable that the tips of your polish will break eventually, but this doesn’t mean that you need to book another appointment. Simply file down your nail until the chip is gone and recoat with clear polish again.


Go classic with High Gloss from Make Up Factory (P595) or opt for a new look with the Big Matte Top Coat from Sally Hansen (P395).


Wear gloves

Sounds a little extreme, but there are daily activities that are extreme on your manicure. So before you wash those dishes, wear some gloves.




Save yourself some time, energy and money by extending your manicure for as long as you can. Take these tips with you the next time you walk into that salon!