How To Contour The Right Way

Are you doing it the right?



We women know what the magic of contouring is—its ability to make our face slimmer, our nose smaller and our jaw line more defined. Add to that the power of highlighter makeup to make us look younger, fresher and more radiant, and we can’t almost say we #wokeuplikethis. But are you doing it right? We’ve done our research and took notes from some of the best-contoured celebs and Internet sensations!



Pro-tip: Kim applies bronzer underneath her nose (see 1:11) to make it appear smaller and to give it that lift



Pro-tip: We’re taking Bretman Rock's cream-then-powder-and-let-“cook” advice!



Pro-tip: For ladies with a round face shape, Roxette recommends using darker contour on the sides of the face and taking the product up to the temples to create an elongated look (see, 2:45)



Pro-tip: Not sure where to apply your contour? Robbie Piñera says to look for the highest point of one’s face—that’s your cheekbone!—and color right under it



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