The 10-Step Beauty Routine Koreans Swear By


Get that baby-skin glow!


If there’s anything the world can agree on, it has to be that Korean actors have some of the best skin in the business. Their faces are always so fresh and soft looking that we can’t help but obsess. So while the public has been preoccupied with K Dramas, K Pop and K Fashion, we’re all about K Beauty.


The secret is out and there are 10 steps to get that same baby-skin glow.


1 Makeup Remover & Oil Cleanser

You might think that all is good when you dab some makeup remover on cotton and rub your face free of the day’s face, but it doesn’t get everything. To truly get a clean face, reach for oil cleanser, massage it over your dry face and rinse.


2 Water-based Cleanser

Repetitive, but effective. To get rid of any residue from the oil cleanse, top it off with a water-based one.



3 Exfoliator

This is a step that you can forget once in a while, especially if you have sensitive skin. Just keep in mind that this is important to do at least twice a week in order to remove the dead skin. It’s a crucial step because if the dead skin remains, your products won’t reach your pores and work their magic.


4 Toner

You might think that all toner does is balance your pH levels and you might even question why this is important. But the thing is, toner also dampens your skin, which makes it easier for all succeeding products to get in on the fun.


5 Essence

Many say this is the heart of the Korean skincare routine. Essence is basically a hybrid of a toner and a serum, which is made to hydrate skin and help in skin repair and cell turnover.


6 Treatments

We all have our specific qualms about our skin and this is the time to target them. Boosters, serums and ampoules are basically concentrated essences that directly treat these issues. Work whatever your choice is on your skin.



7 Sheet Masks

Time to take a break. Put on a sheet mask and rest for about 15 to 20 minutes. The masks is there to basically re-nourish your skin.


8 Eye Cream

Skin is sensitive in general, but the area surrounding your eye is the most delicate, which means it needs some extra attention. Dab some eye cream around the entire orbital bone for some extra hydration and protection.


9 Moisturizer

With our weather, moisturizer should need no explanation. Pat some onto your face and neck every morning and every night to create that dewy and glowing look.


10 Sun Protector

This has to be last because you’re protecting yourself from the sun’s rays. Do not walk out of the house without applying a layer of sunblock on your face, especially because we live in a tropical country (and no, rainy days are no exception). It’s one of the best ways to prevent skin cancer and premature aging.




We admit that the routine is a little tedious, but we assure that you’ll see results quickly. And once you see what it does, you’ll never want to detour from it.