3 Things That Will Help You Shape Up For Summer, Fast!


Get the summer bod you’ve always wanted with the help of these slimming solutions


Waist Training

Since corsets are back in fashion, you might as well revisit waist training. It’s the slimming tool that Kim Kardashian so famously promoted on IG for enhancing her hourglass figure.


So what is waist training? It’s the gradual process of slimming the waist with the regular use of a corset. Other benefits include correcting one’s posture and reducing food volume intake, encouraging one to eat smaller, more frequent meals. We also love that you can wear it anywhere—at home, at work, or even while driving! For best results, pair your slimming tool with exercise and proper diet.



Slimming Creams

Enhance the result of your fitness routine with slimming creams that help firm up and tone skin. Beauty experts advise using it on warm, damp skin every morning and night, and focusing on problem areas, like arms, stomach and legs. Here are body-contouring products we can’t wait to try ourselves!


Edible Beauty & Coffee Contouring Crème 100g, P1890


Her Beauty Guide Miracle Lift +157% Body Contour Control, P799


Cathy Doll Firming Legs & Arms Essence 100g, P400


Non-Invasive Treatments

Though going under the knife has become more acceptable, many women (and men) still prefer non-invasive treatments simply because it’s fast, efficient and there’s little to no down time.


The Belo Medical Group for instance, offers V-Contour, a procedure that treats localized, stubborn fat in the face and body via injection. Results are immediate and long lasting, especially if paired with a healthy lifestyle.


Now once you’ve lost the fat you might need body-contouring treatments that help address those loose, saggy bits. Contours Advanced Face and Body Sculpting Institute in example offers Thermibreast Non-Surgical Breast Lifting, a procedure that lifts, tightens and increases collagen production in the chest area.



Whatever you do decide to try, always best to consult with your doctor first. And if you need a daily helper when it comes to tracking your fitness, you won't be disappointed with the Atmos Fit Elite Smart Fitness Band, which is easy to use, specifically accurate and - let's be honest - not bad on the eye as well. Here's to a happy, sexy summer ladies!



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