Sunscreen: Why Beauty Experts Swear By Them


In case you never got the memo



Sunscreen is not an alien item to any of us. We all grew up applying the same thing every summer at the beach, but now that we’re older and wiser, we know that it should be an important part of our daily beauty routine.


Why sunscreen is a necessary habit.

It doesn’t matter if you’re purposely lounging under the sun’s heat at the beach or if you’re just walking down the street to catch your lunch. No matter the amount of time you spend under it, your skin will be damaged by the sun’s UV rays. 


The harsh heat can cause wrinkles and other signs of aging, as well as dark spots and sun spots. In extreme cases, the UV rays can even increase the chances of developing cancer. Melanoma, anyone? We didn’t think so.


One sure fire way to help yourself keep your youthful look and keep your skin healthy is to put on protection in the form of sunscreen.



No, we don’t just mean for the summer.

You might think that cloudy skies mean you don’t have to be as vigilant with your sunscreen and you are right—to an extent. In the Philippines though, we never know what the weather is like and there is hardly a day when we aren’t hit by the sun at one time or another. Besides, June is generally when the Earth is tilted to the sun the most and that means a more direct hit.


Hit two birds with one stone while you’re at it.

Of course, it can sometimes get a little tedious to put sunscreen above and beyond your normal routine. Fortunately, there are beauty products that have built-in SPF. So while products such as Dr. Jart BB Mat Contouring Kit (P2,235) will help in your overall beauty process, it also has has SPF 30, which will help in protecting your skin from those harmful rays.




Keep safe and no more excuses!