10 Ladies You Should Follow on Instagram If You’re Obsessed with Skincare


Just the women to guide you on your way to clear, gorgeous skin



Riding on the coattails of micro-blogging, Instagram, as it turns out, can double as a kind of beauty forum: It’s chock-full of product reviews, themed roundups and ladies swapping tips and tricks along the way.


As much as we want to rely on the “influential” folks on Insta who are always first to know about the latest trends or buzzy products and dazzle with their impressive follower count, it pays to approach this stuff with caution. How many of those beauty posts are actually paid for by the brands featured in them anyway? In which case, where is the #ad? Where is the #sponsored to let their followers know that this is all part of business?


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If we’re going to be sold items under false pretenses with sponsored posts written as genuine reviews, it’ll be a hard pass for us. So today, we zero in on the ladies who keep it real: When it comes to talking about beauty and using their platforms to share with their followers, they’re raw, forward and transparent. Here, it’s all about skincare and the ladies whose opinions we trust most. Keep scrolling to get to know 10 ladies you should follow on Instagram if you’re obsessed with skincare!


Belle Rodolfo, @bellerodolfo


Belle Rodolfo’s Twitter bio has all the things we love about her. It reads: “My idea of a good time is sulking, putting on five face masks in one go, hugging reluctant cats, or all of the above.”


A cat lady who loves skincare and has a feisty, fantastic-kind-of-sarcastic sense of humor? We’re in. Crossing over to her Instagram, you get more than a 280-character dose of beauty: It’s a mix of curated visuals and valuable unfiltered commentary by Rodolfo, a beauty authority in her own right as the Associate Beauty Editor of Preview Magazine.



Clearly, a good place to start if you’re serious about skincare is to look to the beauty editors of credible media companies (hence, starting the list off with Belle Rodolfo up there). Up next: Jenna Rennert, a skincare-loving American beauty who spearheads Vogue.com’s weekly “10 Best Beauty Looks” recap, writes about celebrity red carpet beauty and lets readers in on beauty cheat sheets perfect for girls who just can’t deal with high maintenance beauty hullabaloo. Her personal Instagram account also documents the interesting ins and outs of her life as Vogue.com’s Associate Beauty Editor.



Morgan Stewart, @morgansbeautybreakdown


The Korean-American beauty fanatic rose to fame as a beauty vlogger on YouTube, becoming a hit for featuring the best of both Korean skincare and Western cosmetics. To date, her channel The Beauty Breakdown has over 449,000 subscribers and some of the most upfront beauty reviews and “first impression” videos.



Mariana Bantug, @thebeautybeeblog


Mariana “Iana” Bantug, the beauty and brains behind The Beauty Bee, is not one to mince words when it comes to the products she test drives and reviews. To attest to that, this bit from her blog: “I’ve been a fan of Tea Tree tree oil and its many uses for a long while now, so when I saw that TBS reworked and expanded their Tea Tree range, I was very much willing to have a look at it and reconsider my previous stance on it—which was pretty much that it sucked. I don’t know what they’ve changed, but it feels like everything (yay).”


In channels congested by non-ad ads and sponsored posts, a straightforward beauty blogger is a dime a dozen—and definitely deserves an insta-follow.



Liah Yoo, @aboutliahyoo


Korean beauty vlogger Liah Yoo swears she’s dedicated to “decoding skincare and makeup” and that she does indeed and in such an approachable manner, too; even low maintenance, “non-beauty” beauty girls can get on board.


Yoo takes to her Instagram to supplement her YouTube entries with quick tips, backstories and do’s and don’ts. Don’t be fooled by the many brand collabs she has lined up: she isn’t all about shoving products in her followers’ faces in order to make a profit. What you see featured on her feed is a mix of the tried and tested, cult favorites and the latest in beauty. Expect honest reviews here as well!



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Trina Epilepsia-Boutain, @trinateb


Trina Epilepsia-Boutain puts together beauty reviews for one of the best fashion magazines in the country and of course, gets to try the good stuff before they hit the shelves (all in the day’s work of a Beauty Editor!)


Through the hustle and bustle and jam-packed work schedules, it’s unbelievable how she maintains practically poreless, radiant skin (the case for us wanting whatever she’s having only becomes stronger at this point). Give @trinateb a follow on Instagram and see what we mean and get updates on the skincare goodies she swears by—you might just end up swearing by them, too.



Elisa Aquino, @elisabaquino


Photographer, beauty blogger and K-beauty lover Elisa Aquino is best known for her “empties” stories, fun blog posts about the no-fail products she evidently trusts because she manages to finish off entire containers. While blogging about empties isn’t new to the beauty world, Aquino is in a league of her own: You’ll never see her post about products she doesn’t genuinely believe in; she remains authentic, truthful to her followers and engaging.


Today, Aquino is on a mission to go makeup-free and it’s the kind of thing everyone should tune in for. “For the past 3 months, I've stopped wearing foundation to take better care of my skin and it's doing absolute wonders!” she posted on her Instagram. “Head on to the blog for reviews on my favorite A+ drugstore bases: L.A. Girl Pro BB Cream HD, Bioré UV Aqua Rich Watery BB Cream, City Color Glowing Complexion Tinted Moisturizer and Pink Sugar Our Lil' Secret Concealer.”



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Catherine Piercy, @catherinepvogue


Perks of being the Vogue Beauty Director include front row seats at fashion week, collaborations with top makeup artists and getting tips straight from celebrated beauty gurus from all over the world. If there are folks with an innate ability of differentiating fluff from fact, it’s people like Catherine Piercy; she’s all about no-fuss but effective beauty.



Renée, @gothamista

If you’re all about cover your bases and going back to basics, give the founder of thegothamista.com a follow. Renée is all about skin, skin, skin and getting healthy to get that glow.


“In this sacred realm of beauty, I have always been more obsessed with skincare than with makeup. My own experience with problematic skin—starting from my teens—has shown me that when the fundamentals are not there, nothing can cover it up, and any efforts in doing so, would only make the very thing you’re trying to conceal, more obvious,” she wrote on her blog. “In my career and through my own exploration, I have tried many brands and products. I have also been fortunate enough to work with chemists, thereby learning about beauty products and cosmetics from the scientific perspective of formulations, and not just hyped up marketing drivel.”



Dasha Kim is an all-around beauty babe who dabbles in hair, makeup and skincare. Her YouTube channel is more a personal video diary than anything—albeit stylized to look ultra chic and editorial-worthy—and her Instagram may feature makeup more than skincare, but she’s definitely worth the follow. In a rather holistic approach to skincare, Kim talks food, health and exercise as well, which goes to show that great skin comes from within, too; it’s not always about what you slather on.




Now repeat after us: skincare is life!