Big Beauty News: The Best Makeup Collaborations Happening This Holiday Season


Get your wallets ready, ladies and gents



The holidays are special for a number of reasons: Family reunions, gifts and some time off work. But for those that keep their eye on the beauty industry, the impending holidays mean one extra special thing: Spectacular collaborations that we can’t wait to get our hands on.


MAC x Nicki Minaj

Available at all MAC locations beginning October 13, 2017



Nicki Minaj has dominated billboard charts, front pages and fans’ hearts for years now. But while her musical talent is really what cemented her name in the industry, we’d be lying if we said her chameleon-like looks had nothing to do with it. Nicki has dressed in technicolor, monochrome and everything in between; she’s rocked looks that scream sultry and outfits that ooze adorable, but she always manages to look flawless—whether or not her aesthetic is your cup of tea.


But in a collaboration with MAC, Nicki is releasing a pair of nude lipsticks that scream class and subtlety. The first, called Nicki’s Nude, is a mix of caramel and coral that you’ll love to rock day in and day out. Meanwhile, The Pinkprint sports a mid-toned pink that gives your lips the perfect amount of color without being over the top.


Our suggestion? Get ready to make a run for it, because the last time Nicki collaborated with MAC, it became one of the top selling Viva Glam collections of all time.


MAC x Rossy de Palma

Available at select MAC locations on October 20, 2017



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For those that don’t know her yet, Rossy de Palma is a Spanish actress that has served as a muse in art, fashion and cinema. Her unique Picasso-esque beauty has set her apart in a country that is full of beautiful women and her preference for romantic glamour is the cherry on top of the cake.


Rossy’s collaboration with MAC screams her aesthetic, from the color choices to the packaging. The different palettes that feature Rossy’s eyes, nose and lips come together in an almost invincible Cubic piece.


You’ll have your choice in this 22-piece product line, which includes bullet and gloss lip options, as well as two shadow palettes, a concealer duo, finishing powders and even body glitter.


Estee Lauder x Victoria Beckham

Already available



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Last year, Victoria Beckham collaborated with Estee Lauder to release one very successful makeup line. That initial partnership reaped results not only for VB and Estee Lauder, but for the customers as well—so it’s really no wonder why the two powerhouses are back for a second round.  


Many are already claiming that VB’s second collection is better than the first. The overall theme, however, is generally similar as Victoria worked with capsule makeup wardrobes that were inspired by some of her favorite cities, which include New York, London, Paris and Miami.


The vivid colors, subdued tones and eye catching finishes will keep you happy all throughout the holiday. So what are you waiting for?




Beauty guys and gals, we have a lot to look forward to. What could have possibly been more perfect for the holidays?