The Ultimate Anti-Aging Ingredient You Need In Your Life RN


Because admit it or not, our skin is getting old



As a wide-eyed teenager some 10 years ago, I had an optimistic view of the world—including skincare. I thought that if I did my best to eat everything I wanted in moderation, exercised often and drank plenty of water, I would age gracefully. You know, like Martha Stewart. But soon, as many others have and will realize, life isn’t always fair, the world can be a cruel place and that those before us were right—signs of aging start to creep up on us in our mid 20s.


It’s not just fine lines that worry me, but the fact that skin no longer feels as soft or supple to the touch and that dull, grayish color some/all of us get because of years of too much partying or working late nights.



And while I know aging can’t be reversed (at least not completely), there are ways to make it better or slow down its process. After all, we do live in modern times and science (with the help of nature) has come up with countless ways to keep us looking young, healthy and glowing.


So what is this hot-new ingredient that health buffs and beauty junkies are talking about? Turmeric.




Turmeric, also from the ginger family, is a powerful spice/medicinal herb that’s used in cooking but is better known as an anti-inflammatory agent. It’s also used to treat a variety of conditions, like jaundice, menstrual problems, toothaches, bruises and even flatulence. Here’s what else we found out:


#1 It’s main active ingredient curcumin, which we have to thank for its anti-inflammatory effects, is also a powerful antioxidant.


#2 Curcumin helps improve brain function by increasing levels of BDNF or Brain-derived Neurotrophic Factor, a type of growth hormone that if you have low levels of can increase your chances of developing depression and Alzheimer’s disease.


#3 It’s used to prevent and supplement treatments for heart disease, cancer and arthritis.


#4 This ingredient helps heal wounds faster and improves over all skin health, thus slowing down the process of aging. 


#5 Did we mention? It’s also good for digestion and can also aid in weight loss. Srsly, what can this super ingredient not do?


Knowing just some of the great benefits turmeric has to offer, you might want to add it to your lifestyle, from the food that you eat to your skincare routine. Here’s how:


In food, it’s pretty easy to add a bit of this hot, peppery spice to soups, sauces (curry!), meat dishes and even rice!



Recently, we’ve also noticed turmeric being sold in tea powder or juice form. As tea, the taste is close to salabat (ginger tea) but with a flavor that’s not as spicy or strong. Best enjoyed hot and without sweeteners.


Meanwhile the beauty industry seems to have taken notice, too, as luxury skincare brands like Clarins have started adding it to their product line. In fact, Clarins’ iconic age-control Double Serum now features turmeric extract found in turmerone, a bio-inspired vegetal discovery by the French label. The results?


·      Diminished appearance of visible pores and fine lines

·      Smoother, firmer skin

·      All-day facial skin hydration


Clarins’ Double Serum also comes in a new and intelligent double vial bottle and a unique double pump system.




Available in all Rustan’s Department Stores.



Sure age is just a number or the many other clichés we were told it is. But the lines on our faces or that dull complexion don’t lie. So if there’s a way to makeup for all our skin sins by alternating our coffee with turmeric tea or investing in a new and improved anti-aging product, why the hell not?