How Smart Girls Shop for Beauty Products Online


Habits you should pick up from girls who know their skincare and makeup



Online retailing has paved the way for what is, by far, the most hassle-free mode of shopping. At home, in your pajamas, stuck in traffic or in the office, simply click on, scroll, select, check out and you’re done.


Still, majority of Filipino women prefer making their purchases in-store, putting their trust in the physical experience of shopping over the virtual, more convenient option. Nothing beats feeling the clothes, looking closely at the fabric and stitches and, more importantly, getting to try the item on before spending money on it.


Considering there’s no such thing as "return for retailer" when it comes to beauty products, shopping for these online is definitely more daunting than shopping fashion items.


So how do you make your online shopping count when you don't get to swatch, spritz or sample? Keep scrolling to find out how smart girls shop for beauty products online.


Smart beauty girls always shop at real, reputable retail websites.


Verify, verify, verify. Because you know what’s worse than potentially ending up with fake beauty products? Entrusting your credit card details to a fake retail website.


Only shop at retail websites that fashion and beauty magazines, makeup artists and other media companies attest to. Real retail websites are typically accompanied by active social media accounts (where there’s noise about their latest campaigns), customer reviews or testimonials and customer service contact information.


They maximize their time by using search filters when looking through product catalogs.


Smart beauty girls don’t gamble by purchasing elusive products with no reviews. Do what they do and jump straight to “Top Rated” to see the products with best reviews first or “Bestsellers” to see the most popular products that are frequently purchased (and repurchased) by customers.


They make it a point to keep skimming through product reviews until they come across a negative one.


As weird as it sounds, searching for bad reviews is one way you can arm yourself with the right information as a consumer. Smart beauty girls appreciate brutally honest reviews. This way, you can know about the worst-case scenario…and won't have to live through it.


They don’t limit themselves to watching makeup or skincare tutorials; they review product comparisons and “wear tests” as well.



Lock-It Concealer Crème (P1,541) by KAT VON D


Or That?

Aqua Luminous Perfecting Concealer (P1,811) by BECCA


Naturally, your makeup will look amazing post application, but will it look this flawless throughout the day? Will it budge? Will it sink into your creases? The beauty vloggers on YouTube have got you covered.


Smart beauty girls enjoy streaming these video entries dedicated to weighing out the pros and cons of a beauty buy, telling their viewers extensively about alternatives (at different price points, too) and showing them what the product looks like after a full eight hours of wearing it out.


They follow beauty vloggers that have the same skin type and skin tone as they do.


There’s no use purchasing everything in your beauty crush’s makeup bag if she’s a fair Caucasian redhead and you’re a tan Filipina, no? Apart from the obvious physical differences, it’s worth noting that the needs of Caucasian skin differ from the needs of Asian skin. This is precisely why representation matters, too. So find a beauty guru that provides honest reviews, talks about skin issues you share (breakouts, dry skin, etc.) and has a similar complexion.


For reviews, they trust beauty vloggers on YouTube.

via YouTube


Vloggers like Patricia Bright, Bretman Rock, Morgan of TheBeautyBreakdown, Diana of easyNeon and Dacey Cash all have a tell-it-like-it-is attitude and give great beauty insights.


Smart beauty girls also keep an eye out for sponsored videos. If a beauty vlogger’s post is sponsored by the creator of the product they’re reviewing, you can expect they’ll hold back on the cons and be extra generous with the pros. This is why vloggers who start their videos with “by the way, I was not paid to make this video” become instant faves. Transparency is everything.


For how-to’s, they trust makeup artists with YouTube channels.


When it comes to the technical stuff like product application, layering and types of makeup brushes, smart beauty girls leave it to the pros.


Monika Blunder, Lisa Eldridge and Wayne Goss are just some professional makeup artists you can check out on YouTube.


They shop for foundation at online retailers with a “Shade Finder” feature (or anything similar).

Probably the most difficult part about shopping for beauty products online is shade matching. Luckily, it no longer has to be a trial and error situation.


Sephora U.S. came up with a Color I.Q. feature. Meanwhile, Sephora Philippines has a Shade Finder page.


via Sephora


They still swatch products in stores when they get the chance.


Make the most out of your Sundays window-shopping at the mall. If online reviews don’t do it for you, firsthand experience definitely will.


They read the product labels.

via Simply Organic


It’s an instinct as a consumer to assume the brands we patronize won’t include ingredients that are harmful, but the term “buyer beware” should still be an active practice.


Smart beauty girls know it isn’t just about what will make you look good or give you results after time, so they read the product labels, familiarize themselves with the ingredients and research on the product’s active ingredients.


They compare in-store prices with online prices.


It’s not a one-size-fits-all scenario, unfortunately. Keep in mind that there are mark-ups for online retailers.


They customize the email notifications they get from online retailers.


If shopping for beauty products is your Achilles’ heel, do not subscribe to email notifications…you’ll just end up wanting to shop during every sale alert.


Smart beauty girls don’t buy products unless they actually need them, in which case, they do their thoughtful research. Sign up for email notifications on waitlisted items and the like instead.


They’re never afraid to buy the smaller size first.

via Sephora


It isn’t always “go big or go home.” Online beauty retailers replenish their stocks every few weeks, so you shouldn’t have to feel pressured to buy the largest version right off the bat…especially if it’s your first time trying the product.


They make the most out of the samples that come free with their purchases.

via Kristen Morton


Do not underestimate the practicality of product samples.


If you’re the type to just forget about samples when they come in the mail, lose them in drawers or end up only noticing them when it’s already too late and they’ve expired, all you need to do is centralize: Put yours in a jar next to your beauty counter at home so you can sift through them with ease. You can even set them aside for your guest bedroom should you have guests that need their own set of toiletries and other products.


They take the habit of reviewing products offline.


Smart beauty girls ask their friends and officemates about what’s in their current makeup bags, what they love, what they regret purchasing and what they wouldn’t buy again. There’s still nothing like a traditional referral!


Keep these habits, hacks, tips and tricks in mind the next time you shop for your beauty items online!




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