Boost Your Business Operations with Google’s Toolbox


As a homegrown brand, New York-based Bowery Lane Bicycles took pride in how it buckled down to work closely with local vendors. And when Michael Salvatore came onboard, he took the business to greater heights by streamlining its operations. In a story for Inc magazine, Lou Dubois, social media editor at NBC Universal's WCAU-TV, delves deep into how Salvatore used Google's digital tools to improve Bowery Lane Bicycles in small ways—which included syncing their calendars to their devices and creating a Google Apps account to make official email handles—that paid off big.


Dubois writes, "With search, there is always the ability to find the information you are seeking on the web. Similarly, the applications that Google has built for business productivity make folders and filing no longer an important part of business. It's all part of doing business on the cloud." His report also lists tools recommended by Douglas C. Merrill, author of 'Getting Organized in the Google Era', which include:



Google Mail

Apart from providing a trusty inbox you can label and filter emails in, it's also packed with additional features for more convenient communication, like a video chat function and an instant messaging window. "Most importantly, it uses Google Search, so you'll be able to find messages easily even if you only remember a few words or the sender's name," writes Dubois.


Google Calendar

Keep track of appointments, meetings, and events on Google Calendar, which syncs instantly with your phone. You can share with your calendar with team to better coordinate our schedules.


Google Docs

It may not have as many features as Microsoft Office, but it does the job: Google Docs is a free service that lets you make basic spreadsheets, presentations, and text documents. It's also hosted on the cloud, so you can bring your team onboard to collaborate on files in real-time.


Google Analytics

Not only is this the go-to analytics tool of over half of the world's top 10,000 websites, but it's free! Google Analytics can provide you in-depth data about the people who visit your site—from how many they are, where they came from, to how long they stayed.

Businesses of all sizes can stand to run more efficiently and get organized with Google’s tools. Read the full story here.