Grow Your Brand on Instagram with These Tips and Tricks


Instagram is one of the pillars of any business' digital strategy. In a story for Entrepreneur, Kim Trumbo, children's book author and host of the Generosity Philosophy Podcast, lists six ways brands can use the photo app to extend their reach and connect with their audience. Trumbo writes, "It’s not just for the teenagers anymore. Instagram has found it’s way into many entrepreneurs' social-media strategy."



Take advantage of Instagram videos.

Earlier this year, Instagram announced that it would let users upload 60-second videos (an extension from the initial 15 seconds) as well as photos. You can use apps to add images in videos, or combine multiple videos, to fit within the minute-long time frame.


Add a text overlay to your photos.

You can add a caption to your posts, but you can also use apps to add text to photos themselves. It helps to have the photos of what you're selling include details like its price or a product description.


Hold a contest.

This is a good way to reward your loyal followers, or even to grow your following by getting the word out there. Your contest can feature a hashtag relevant to your brand, or invite people to tag their friends, or post photos of them using your product.


Be consistent with your profile picture.

Ideally, you should make your logo as your profile picture in your business' Instagram account, so it's aligned with your brand. Avoid putting personal images like your pet or your children.


Use your Instagram bio to introduce your business and link to your website.

Instagram allows clickable hyperlinks in your bio, but not in comments and captions. Direct people to that bio in your image descriptions, so they can check out your website and take advantage of any promos and discounts you might have.

Grow your Instagram following organically.

Find and follow people who, based on their posts and hashtags, will like and find value in your business. Like and comment on their photos--but don't leave generic comments. Show genuine interest in their content and in interacting with them.


Do you want to see, as Trumbo calls it, “instaresults”? Read the full story here.