Here’s How Tech Can Do Your Networking for You


If you’re the shy type, networking won’t always come naturally. Making connections and expanding your network is par for the course if you’re an entrepreneur, but who says you have to do all that in person? In a story for Entrepreneur, Te-Erika Patterson, creator of The Rebuild Your Life Project, writes, "You don’t have to play by the old rules: This is the digital age. There are a plethora of ways to connect with others who will value your ideas even if you don't engage in the traditional meet and greet. Break the rules and become a digital butterfly instead."



The Internet is vast, and in it you'll find a community dedicated to almost any topic. Find others who share your passion in your line of business: start by searching hashtags (almost every blog or social network uses them), or using search engines.


You can also draw like-minded people to you and create your own community online, using social media: "Create a Meetup group, a Facebook group, a Google Plus community or even a Reddit thread so that like minds can find you," suggests Patterson. When you're the administrator of an online group, you get to decide what topic to focus on, who to let in, and how its members interact.


Another option it to hold a webinar, or an online seminar. That way, you (and all the attendees) can pick the brains of industry leaders without having to serve cocktails. You may invite someone else via email to host the actual webinar, while you handle the back end of the event.


But the best way to be heard in your field, says Patterson, is to have your own soapbox: Share your insights on your own blog or site, upload videos in your own channel, or host a regular podcast.


Thanks to today’s technology, entrepreneurs can easily fit in and find their place in their industry online. Read the full story here.