Cut Down Startup Cost


Focus on your expertise, delegate clerical works to VAs


They work remotely and can fulfill tasks you delegate, even without being face-to-­face. This is a virtual assistant. Tim Ferriss’ book “The 4­-Hour Workweek” inspired a generation of professionals who are open to telecommuting. Thus, the rise of virtual assistants. Why should you consider hiring a VA? If you are a startup or small business, you may want to take care of all the tasks all the time. But just because you spread yourself thin or go to work early and come home late does not mean you’re performing at your optimum. You must be able to focus on the tasks that need your expertise. Clerical work or legwork can be and should be given to a VA.


Danny Nappi, CEO of Task Bullet, a Philippine-­based VA company that services clients worldwide, says: “Honestly, whether you hire a traditional employee or a virtual employee, you're not addressing the real issue. The world is changing and the distractions have reached an all­time high. Employees in the office or working from home are wasting 50%­-80% of their time on non­work-related distractions. That means anyone not using our ‘Bucket’ system is wasting 50%­-80% of their money and efficiency. Our ‘Bucket’ system eliminates the waste.” What should you hire a VA to do? Following are just some of the tasks you can assign:


1. Bookkeeping

2. Coordination/Scheduling

3. Research

4. Updating Database

5. Preparing presentations

6. Managing communications

7. Social Media

8. Writing/Editing


Before hiring a VA, assess what kinds of tasks you need a VA for. This will also be helpful when you have to ask a company for their service. Next, put a system in place, so that you can brief the VA about all tasks and how you want things done. Finally, make sure to prepare to interview your prospective VAs—keep in mind what you need to be done and the learning curve involved to train them.


“There are a few situations where a VA wouldn't be effective,” Nappi admits. “But most companies have positions or tasks that could be done virtually, so it is for everyone just not all positions.”


Nappi says: “When hiring a VA, a company cuts down on overhead, the company doesn't have to pay for an office or a computer or the other expenses associated with traditional employees. TaskBullet takes that savings one step further with our ‘Bucket’ system where the VA only charges when they are actively working on tasks.”


Of course, you worry about various expenses when you are starting, but weigh the pros and cons. You can expect to pay anything between $6­10 per hour, depending on the bulk and nature of work that you outsource.


“Sign up, and use our project managers to help with your systems. Start to think of your business as tasks that need to get done instead of employees to work for you. You will have access to our project management software, where you can get organized and have access to a team of experienced, trained, motivated people to help you grow you business,” Nappi explains. So if you think you can benefit from an extra pair of hands and the cost is minimal, decide on a trial and find time to enjoy the harvests of your business.