Get the Right People to Talk about Your Brand


A quick guide to tapping into bloggers and influencers to increase your brand’s online presence


The advent of blogging and social media has paved the way for a new type of marketing through internet superstars. And while there’s a lot of them, the challenge is to find the one who can really talk about your brand and influence others to take action a.k.a follow your brand or make a purchase. But it takes more than just handpicking celebrities with the most followers to make that happen.


What’s in it for you?

Mannix Pabalan, CEO of digital marketing agency Hashtag Digital says, “Brands can leverage from influencers for immediate results such as campaigns that need to drive branding presence.” Getting influencers to talk about your brand can yield to positive, long-term results for the company. Brands need bloggers and influencers to improve search and keyword integrity, which can then boost web page ranking, online traffic and ultimately, increase sales. “If properly executed, (influencers) may provide deep links necessary for long term SEO relevance of the campaign,” adds Pabalan.


Find someone “influential”

Influencers are people who have strong presence and followers online, whether through blog site, Instagram or other social media channels. Bloggers for instance write and publish online reviews about a specific product or service which is often in tune with their own hobbies or interests.


Connect with the brand

Any business nowadays can utilize such marketing strategy. However, you shouldn’t get just about any popular individual for the sake of having someone to talk about your brand. Pabalan suggests finding someone who can connect with your brand. “You cannot expect a tech-blogger to talk about infant formulas, right? What the brand needs is a smooth and natural connection to the bloggers’ followers to attain such authenticity of any given campaign.”


Make them try the product

Brands can reach out to influencers by asking them to try out their products and services. Pabalan remembers how a new player in the airline industry gave free tickets and accommodation to a couple, who are well-known travel bloggers, to write about their experience with the airline. He says, “After all, it is through experience that people get to relate to your brand.”


Don’t worry about cost

“We do not talk about what is cheaper and what is expensive. We only talk about what is more effective and would fit the brand’s budget for a specific campaign,” explains Pabalan.


Establish good relationship

Keep bloggers and influencers socially engaged not just when you need them. Pabalan advises, “It is a relationship to keep and not like a service provider to treat.” Aside from sending gifts on special occasions, consider giving tokens just because to make your pool of influencers feel appreciated. However, “Tokens are not used to bribe. There are bloggers who take these things negatively so brands have to be cautious about this,” he warns.


Measure the degree of influence

At the end of the day influencers and bloggers should help drive sales and interest about your brand. Some of the usual key performance indicators include extent of reach, likes and engagements. A more concrete result would be increase in sales. Of course, only performing channels should be retained. You only keep the people who are aligned with your ideals and standards. “Depending on your goals and KPI, your weeding out process should be in place and your recruitment process should never cease to keep on having new and performing bloggers to join your campaigns,” concludes Pabalan.


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