Online Responsibility, Social Formation & The Creation Of Legacies


Take some cues on how to use social media for the greater good



Social media is a powerful tool. It's made celebrities out of everyday users of YouTube,, Vine and Instagram. Followers are quick to click, share and like -- and the ball starts rolling from there. But as much as it is a platform for entertainment, it is also an effective way to raise awareness on pressing matters. Most celebrities have made use of their following for the greater good, as they used their fame to influence and inform their fans on different causes and opened their eyes to several issues. The trickle down effect is similar from there. Once more people learn about something, then more people can act on it. 


Take for example Miss International 2016 Kylie Verzosa, who has been taking advantage of her growing social media platform. Her strongest advocacy is mental illness. Earlier this month, she announced the launch of Mental Health Matters, an online support group for people with mental health issues. Talk about beauty and compassion. 



Meanwhile, Bianca Gonzales-Intal has been working with UNICEF for years now. Her particular cause is child rights, which would seem appropriate now that she is mother. But did you know she was part of the agency before she was even married? That’s how you know someone really believes in something. 



Representing the men in our list is Dingdong Dantes, who is the chairman of YesPinoy. The NGO’s advocacies include empowering the youth, bridging the gap in education and honing each one’s call to service and volunteerism. Recently, we’ve also seen posts on his Instagram about climate change. 



Another is Piolo Pascual, who has been a WWF ambassador for years now. His advocacies focus mainly on helping solve the environmental issues in the world, through any means great or small. 




If you have your own advocacy, we suggest sharing the same on all platforms that are available. There’s no harm in trying to get your voice out there, although it’s important to do more than just speak. So as avid users of social media, we have a certain responsibility to use it for the greater good and to spread awareness through words and action. Having an online platform is more than just sharing your vacation posts and killer selfies, its also about influencing others. 


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