Money-Saving Challenges To Try And Grow Your Money This New Year


Are you up for it?



If saving money has ever been part of your New Year’s Resolutions, then you know just how difficult it is to see it through. Something always comes up, whether that’s a birthday or something you’ve had your eye on finally going on sale. Things we can’t say no to, you know?


Saving money is—as we all know—easier said than done. But maybe a challenge will keep our eyes (quite literally) on the money.


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The 52-Week Challenge

We know you know this one and how can you not? It’s one of the most known and most effective challenges out there. You start of by saving just Php50 a week and continue to add that initial amount to last week’s savings. Effectively:


Week 1: Php 50

Week 14: Php 700

Week 27: Php 1,350

Week 40: Php 2,000

Week 2: Php 100

Week 15: Php 750

Week 28: Php 1,400

Week 41: Php 2,050

Week 3: Php 150

Week 16: Php 800

Week 29: Php 1,450

Week 42: Php 2,100

Week 4: Php 200

Week 17: Php 850

Week 30: Php 1,500

Week 43: Php 2,150

Week 5: Php 250

Week 18: Php 900

Week 31: Php 1,550

Week 44: Php 2,200

Week 6 : Php 300

Week 19: Php 950

Week 32: Php 1,600

Week 45: Php 2,250

Week 7 : Php 350

Week 20: Php 1,000

Week 33: Php 1,650

Week 46: Php 2,300

Week 8: Php 400

Week 21: Php 1,050

Week 34: Php 1,700

Week 47: Php 2,350

Week 9 : Php 450

Week 22: Php 1,100

Week 35: Php 1,750

Week 48: Php 2,400

Week 10: Php 500

Week 23: Php 1,150

Week 36: Php 1,800

Week 49: Php 2,450

Week 11: Php 550

Week 24: Php 1,200

Week 37: Php 1,850

Week 50: Php 2,500

Week 12: Php 600

Week 25: Php 1,250

Week 38: Php 1,900

Week 51: Php 2,550

Week 13: Php 650

Week 26: Php 1,300

Week 39: Php 1,950

Week 52: Php 2,600




Php 68,900


Of course, there are other variations. You could start with a bigger amount, which would therefore earn you more savings in the end. Starting with Php100 will give you Php137,800 in the end.


Pro-tip: Use a barely touched bank account to keep your savings in and lock away the ATM to make sure you don’t touch it. 



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The Spare Change Challenge

This one is relatively easy because no set amount of money has to be kept away. Instead, the idea is to put all spare change at the end of the night into a safe are and then not touch it. Some days, you’ll have a lot, some days you’ll barely have anything—but at the end, you should have a sizeable amount to break into.


Sound a little too easy? Put a minimum amount on the change, like Php50. Anything in your wallet at the end of the day that is Php50 or bellow—whether bill or coin—goes into the stash.



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The Automatic Transfer Challenge

This is for those of us who really cannot be trusted to save on our own. With just a few simple steps, you’ll be able to save easily. You’ll first need to create a new bank account (do not ask for an ATM) and set up an automatic transfer feature from the current one you already have (preferably your payroll account). You just need to decide how often and how much will be transferred and then you’re pretty much good to go.


At the end of the year, check out how much is there and be pleasantly surprised!




Make 2018 the year you finally tick a resolution off your bucket list.