Behind The Scenes of THE LION KING: Bringing The Landmark Musical Event To The Stage


Because a musical of this magnitude isn’t created overnight



Over two decades ago, THE LION KING premiered on Broadway. Based on its animated counterpart and peppered with new songs, a talented theatrical cast and impeccable puppetry, the musical became an instant hit—and has been on an upward ride with no apparent intent of slowing down.



But a production of this magnitude isn’t created overnight. Everyone involved put in hours of hard work and so much creativity into making THE LION KING the world’s #1 musical.


Episode 1: History and Scale

Seen by over 90 million people around the world through 24 productions and winning upwards of 70 awards, THE LION KING is unique in its history and scale. Around the world, there are currently 8 running productions in 5 different languages. The international tour even features 6 Filipino children in its roster of 51 actors.



Episode 2: Multicultural Cast & Crew

THE LION KING is set in Africa, but the people who brought the production to Manila represent over 18 different nationalities. There are so many people of different backrounds that help tell the story of Simba and the result is a stunning world that unfolds right before the audience's eyes. 



Episode 3: Generations

THE LION KING has thrived on stage for over 20 years and has done so with grace and continuous relevance. The story remains alive and fresh and has endured many years on Broadway. Every generation continues to find something in the production that speaks to them: The humor and the songs, the emotional and personal journey of Simba or an appreciation for the beautiful and multi-awarded costumes, puppetry and makeup.



Episode 4: Costumes, Puppets and Makeup

Every little piece of the production adds to its entirety and enhances the story, but what really stand out in THE LION KING are its incredible costumes, puppets and makeup. Each piece is intricately created and personalized for the performers and the detailing comes off as organic and really tells the story of Africa on its own.



But what is the real reason for THE LION KING’s success? No one explains it better than its Production Supervisor, Doc Zorthian. “It speaks to everybody in the world,” he said. “It speaks to every audience."



You can catch THE LION KING at the Theater at Solaire until May 27.