Animal Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow NOW


Add in some reckless joy to your feed



We’re sure your social media feeds have been a tiring and endless roll of negativity and bad news lately—ours have been, too. Whether the topic is transport, politics or our favorite strip of restaurants closing down, it’s been kind of awful lately.


And this is exactly why you need some animal-driven positivity in your life.




When Pumpkin was a young raccoon, she was rescued by a human family in the Bahamas. Now she spends her time getting into adorable but troubling situations with her two canine siblings.




If felines are your thing, jump in the pool with Nala’s other 3 million followers. The Siamese and Tabby mix is adorably if not a little derpy.




This little piggy lives in Los Angeles, loves to dress up and has definitely gotten her fair share in the limelight. She’s been regrammed by Reese Witherspoon!




Meet Doug The Pug, who lives out his best thug life every day. He hits up music festivals, wears some seriously cool outfits and poses for selfies like there is no tomorrow.




Juniper is a gorgeous domestic fox who is sassy and lazy at the same time. And sometimes she’ll let you catch glimpses of Moose, her canine best friend.




No, you aren’t seeing double; Venus’ face is half-black and half-orange and split right down the middle. Not to mention she has one blue eye and one green eye. Some people might think it’s strange, but we think it’s beautiful.




When it comes to Lionel, our favorite day is Tongue Out Tuesday. He’s spiky and adorable and his poses are always so on point.




If you’re scared of wild life, especially big cats, Black Jaguar White Tiger will prove that there is nothing to fear. The featured animals interact with humans on a daily basis and prove that size is only skin-deep.




Don’t let his good looks fool you, this parent-proclaimed heartbreaker is actually pretty down-to-earth. Like most of us, he likes to have some ice cream and play around with dogs and normal-sized horses.




Happy and bouncy bunnies do exist—just take a look at Exempel. The mini lop is a playful music fan that knows how to give high-fives for treats!



We know the world can seem like dark place, but there’s always a reason to perk up. And when you’re stuck in a rut, why not let these furry little animals be that reason?