#artph Is Our Favorite Thing About Pinoy Twitter This Month


It’s the hashtag that brought all sorts of Filipino creatives in one uplifting space on the internet



Ah, the power of the pound sign. In this day and age, that # symbol is more commonly known as the hashtag, a now integral part of internet language and a valuable tool on social media.


On Twitter, it does far more than merely narrow down posts related to a keyword. While great for business (it’s how brands, for example, create hype around their latest campaigns,) it’s amazing to see what happens when a simple hashtag organically brings people together for the sake of like-mindedness or a love for the same thing. It could be a love for #GameOfThrones or a love for #TaylorSwift. In this case, it was a love for the arts.



Mid August, the tag “artph” started making its rounds on Twitter.



Consider it a condensed, informal portfolio: Artists managed a quick introduction, insight into their aesthetic and a preview of their amazing artwork…all in 140 characters or less.



What transformed #artph from simple hashtag to trending topic was that it connected members of a community. There was a sense of camaraderie among friends, acquaintances and even strangers who rooted for each other via encouraging replies, retweets and likes. It allowed artists to boost their visibility, too. So if there ever was an idea that there’s a shortage of creatives in the Philippines, this hashtag did its job debunking it.


#artph is where we chanced upon extremely talented illustrators:



And painters:



Even photographers:



Artists touched on their various styles and types of media, too:



And this is a win-win, isn’t it? Here, artists have the opportunity to showcase their work and brands are granted access to this goldmine where they can discover fresh talent. The tag itself has potential: there might be more to #artph than this social media platform-turned-art gallery:




Stay tuned! And do scroll through #artph on Twitter for more inspiring posts!