Easy Photoshoots For Killer Profile Pics


It doesn’t need to be a whole production



Admit it, you’ve rifled through all your photos to find that one that’s worthy of being your profile picture for Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and whatever other social media account you have. There’s no shame because we’ve all done it. But sometimes you just can’t find a picture you like enough and the solution then becomes taking one.


But how?


Welcome the great outdoors

There’s no better light than natural light, so get out and take advantage of it. Be dramatic and take one as the sun sets or go bright during the early afternoon. You can even filter the light with some trees if you want, or play with shadows for a darker feel.



Have Christmas come early

This choice is pretty popular because the results are really flattering. Time to get those Christmas lights out of storage and lay them out somewhere with a lot of room. You can lay them on your bed or even just on your dining table and let the dim lights work their magic.



Confetti, flower petals, (fake) snow – anything to throw

For a whimsical photo, just grab a handful of confetti, flower petals or even dried leaves. Throw them up in the air just as your friend takes the photo and you have your new profile image. Or if you’re not the energetic type, just blow a handful to the camera.



Smoke it out

This may not work for everyone, but smoke does give a dramatic effect to any photo. If you’re a smoker, then you know what to do. But if you aren’t, you can always just have it in the background somewhere – just ask someone for a favor.



Play pretend

This might take a little more effort, but the results are always cute. Choose an icon to dress up as and pose their signature pose. You can be Frida Kahlo, Rosie the Riveter, Audrey Hepburn or someone more modern like Harley Quinn.




Ready to make that update yet?