Social Media Etiquette: The No-no’s Of Posting Online


Some guidelines in respectful posting



When it comes to posting online, you can never please everyone. But while this type of hate cannot be avoided, there are things you yourself shouldn’t be posting on social media – especially if the world is welcome to see it.


Anything culturally insensitive

You can always blame ignorance, but ignorance can only be tolerated so far. You need to do your part in checking if what you’re doing is culturally insensitive to an entire nation of people out there.


For example, taking selfies at Holocaust memorials or making fun of other cultures' customs on IG stories.



Anything you aren’t sure about

With the surplus of information we have at our fingertips, it can get hard to filter which is right and which is wrong. But before you make a claim to the world, make sure you’re right.


For example, making a rumor sound like a fact, especially when it comes to news #CheckYourSources #FakeNews


Anything that is purposely offensive

Sometimes we think things are funny even though we know they’re offensive. And while it usually comes from a well-meaning place, you need to be considerate about who your audience is and who your statements will reach.


For example, sharing rape jokes - they are and will never be funny or appropriate.



Anything that could be psychologically triggering

Granted, you’ll never know how sensitive other people are when it comes to their mental health, but you should just do your best to be sensitive and understanding. Think of the bigger picture and how it could affect people even in a small scale.


For example, commenting that someone should just “get over it” – whatever it is.


Anything illegal

While the earlier points are all about being respectful to others, this one is to save you. Anything you post online is pretty much permanent and you never know what might come bite you back.


For example, taking drugs at clubs and bars - thats not cool.



You’ll never be able to please everyone. Someone will find something wrong with a statement, with a photo and with a video each and every time.  Just always #UseYourHead and definitely consider more than one point of view.