Things You Need To Look Out For When Looking For An Apartment


Be an informed home owner!



Buying your own apartment is no small task. It’s a massive financial commitment that has the potential to change your lifestyle as you’ve accepted it. There are so many aspects that go into choosing the right place to live—beyond the rent, commute and amenities included.



Check out your neighbors

You probably won’t be dining with them on the weekends or anything, but it is a good idea to scope out your neighbors. Have a little chat with them when you check out the apartment, for example. You never know when you’ll need a quick favor and they might be the difference of starting your day right and starting it horridly.


Besides, speaking to them would be a great way to get a real idea of what living in the building is like.


Size up your landlord

A great apartment and a great deal is ideal, but this might all go down the drain if your landlord isn’t someone you can get along with. Check if they live in the building or if their apartment is close by. Do they seem like they would generally leave you to your business or does it look like they’ll nitpick everything you bring in, from the couch to the television?



The number of shared walls you have

Never ever forget to ask which walls are shared in which rooms. Does the bedroom share a wall with the neighbor’s living room? Does your kitchen share a wall with their bathroom? These things can only be forgiven if the walls are thick enough—so ask about that, too.


Check the plumbing, open all the drawers and cabinets and turn on the AC

Everything might look great on the surface, but physically checking if everything works properly is never a bad idea. Check the color of the water that flows through every faucet and shower, push the flush on every toilet and open every possible drawer and cabinet. Also, check the AC. See how long it takes to cool the room and whether or not you can sleep with the noise it makes.



Look at the electric outlets

Electric outlets are of utmost importance and it isn’t exactly easy to install them, which is why you need to check out their placements in every room. Try to imagine where you’ll be placing your furniture, gadgets and appliances. Could you live without a plug near the bed?


Droppings, smells and discoloration

One way to check the un-seeable things is to check out droppings, weird smells and discoloration. The droppings will indicate whether or not there are any unwanted pets around. The smells will tell you whether or not the landlord is hiding anything from you, like mold or a big hairy dog down the hall. Then there’s discoloration, which will tell you if there’s something wrong with the structure.


Nearby facilities

If you’re apartment building doesn’t come with a pool, a gym and a laundry room, you need to make sure they’re nearby. Also double check how far the nearest convenience store is.




Don’t be over excited when getting an apartment and make sure to keep your head on straight!