You Know You’re Pinoy When You Have These Things At Home


Nothing proves it like a wooden spoon and fork in the dining room



It doesn’t matter where you were born and raised, any amount of Filipino blood will show through—in your face, your manner of speaking and definitely in your home.




The abaniko is traditionally paired with a baro’t saya. But now, the abaniko is used for everything, from cooking over charcoal to helping put the little ones to sleep.


Wooden spoon and fork or the image of the Last Supper

You just know you’re with Filipinos when you see a wooden spoon and fork or an image of the Last Supper on display.


Walis tambo and ting-ting

They serve different purposes and no high-end vacuum will ever do a better job.




Using a bunot was a game as a kid. Now it’s necessary to keep those floors shiny.


Plastic bag and utensils

If you look hard enough, you’ll find it. That drawer that hides the plastic bags from the grocery store and the plastic utensils from fast food joints.



Because onions and chili make the suka taste so much better.



Is there any other way to cook sinigang?



Magic Sing

No family reunion is complete until the Magic Sing is brought out.



For when those unexpected visitors come over to spend the night.


Balde and tabo

Even if we’ve embraced the modernity of showers, a balde and tabo will still be permanent fixtures. You never know when the water will run out!




Let’s face it. Even when you have your own home, you’re bound to have one or two (or all) of these things too. It’s what makes you #Pinoy.