8 Moments That Proved We Just Backtracked to the 90’s This Year


Because long live the 90’s



Clueless, desktop computers and Justin Timberlake’s noodle hair. Color-changing lipstick, Lisa Frank and “…Baby One More Time.” What’s not to love about the ‘90s? The nostalgia for this simpler era hit quite hard in 2017. And when nostalgia hits hard, chances are that the short-lived throwback turns into a comeback.


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This is precisely what went down this year: We saw the resurgence of group boxing classes a la Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion. We started using WordArt-inspired memes. Winona Ryder got back in her element (hallelujah! We missed our ‘90s queen). T-shirts worn under spaghetti strap tops became a thing again. If you still aren’t convinced that 2017 basically doubled as the 90s, scroll on! Here, we’re giving you 8 Moments That Proved We Just Backtracked To The 90’s This Year:


#1: Streetwear stars paid homage to the Spice Girls, Aaliyah, Lil’ Kim and Backstreet Boys aesthetic.

Think: “dad” trainers, retro windbreakers over sports bras and layering baggy pieces.





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#2: Sporting teeny-tiny or tinted sunglasses became cool again.

Oversized sunglasses have had their fun in the sun; it was time for small sunglasses to have their moment back in 2017.



Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in Billboard Dad (1998)



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#3: The original supermodels got back in action.

At Milan Fashion Week, Donatella Versace brought the original supers together for a rare runway reunion at her spring 2018 show.



Photo: Naomi Campbell, Tatjana Patitz, Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista and Cindy Crawford by Peter Lindbergh for the January 1990 issue of British Vogue



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#4: The film camera craze took over smartphones.

Popular downloads included camera apps like Huji, Gudak Cam and VHS Cam.





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#5: Getting physical meant taking a spin class.

Shout out to local studios, Electric Studio and Ride Revolution!





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#6: Fashion brands revived logo mania.

In 2015, it was founded that millennials were turned off by flashy logos and preferred versatile, “generic” pieces—then came the nostalgia for ‘90s fashion.



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#7: Stephen King’s novel-turned-miniseries It got itself a remake.

New audience to terrorize, same Pennywise.






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#8: Tamagotchi came back to life.

Bandai America celebrated the 20th anniversary of this iconic virtual pet by releasing a miniature version in November.



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Judging by the trends set to take over 2018, it seems the coming year will also be inspired by another colorful decade: the ‘80s. We’re talking big hair, neon brights and power dressing. Anyone else excited for a 1980’s backtrack?


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