Re-Gifting: What and When To Consider & When To Just Buy A Gift


It can be a tricky equation sometimes



As the holiday season inches closer and closer to Christmas, we’re losing more and more time to go gift shopping for those that we love. There’s no doubt that you want to go out of your way to really find something special for each individual person, but there’s also the factors of time and money to consider. And because we Filipinos are nifty in general, of course we’ve considered the idea of re-gifting something on more than one occasion.


Is it a bad idea? No. Is it tacky? Sometimes—so listen up.  



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What and when to consider re-gifting

What we all need to remember is that re-gifting should still be thoughtful and definitely not something that comes out of necessity. It should never be done because of a situation wherein you need to give someone a gift and just re-pack whatever it was your ninang gave you for your last birthday—just so that you’d have something to give.


Re-gifting should be done with the receiver in mind. If you know they’ll appreciate something that your relative gave you (and you yourself don’t really care for it much), then go ahead and repackage it. So if you know someone that’s a big beauty fan and you have a box full of face masks from Korea that you haven’t touched, why not make their Christmas so much better? If you were given a top that isn’t really your style but would seamlessly fit your sister’s, it’s hers.


To be sensitive to the original giver, it’s also best to re-gift outside of the circle that you share with them. You never know how much thought and effort they may have put into your present and seeing you send it over to someone else could be incredibly hurtful. Imagine walking down rows of items to perfectly match a gift with a person, and then having them carelessly give it to someone else right in front of you—no one needs to know what that’s like.


That said, sentimental gifts are a no-no in this case. If someone put in the time to actually handmake something meaningful for you, you really should do the right thing and keep it. And just to be clear, never gift a used gift. No one wants a half empty bottle of perfume or a pair of jeans that is all too familiar with your washer.



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When to just buy

While there are situations that allow re-gifting, there are also cases when you should really just buy something new for your loved ones. Being too thrifty can sometimes be a bad thing, after all.


Things get old and it doesn’t take much to tell that the item you’ve neatly re-packed is actually something that was purchased over a year ago. So when the things you’re looking at are actually looking a little dull, grab your bag and go to the mall.


And if you’re doing the re-packaging just so that you can clean around the house a little? Don’t bother wasting the wrapping paper.



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Re-gifting is kind of this unspoken practice we all experience. But while it’s generally an acceptable thing, you don’t want to get caught either. Or hey. If you have a few things laying around that you don’t really want or need, why not give them to charity instead?