7 Emotional Stages of Watching a K-Drama


When it comes to a K-dramathon, you need to be physically and emotionally prepared, and really good internet connection



K-dramas are so popular because the unexpected plot usually keeps viewers on their feet. You could either find yourself crying your eyes out because the ending was too tragic or crying tears of joy because the kilig scenes are just too good.


K-drama fans can surely relate and will tell you that once you start, you're emotionally invested for life. So, here are the 7 emotional stages of watching a K-drama; don't say we didn't warn you.


Stage 1: Getting Hooked (Again)

This stage often begins when you see a video clip of a cute Korean celebrity. There’s also a possibility that the plot catches your attention first—and this is how it all starts, right?


So, you look for the title online and when you find it, you get start (binge-)watching. Before you know it, you're already in too deep.


You try your best to stay up and say to yourself, “Last na, isang episode na lang.” Until you realize OMG 4AM na and you kinda don't wnat to go to work because you'd rather just finish the series.



Stage 2: Getting to Know the Drama

In this stage, you start to familiarize yourself with the characters by trying to memorize their names (and learning how to say them properly!) and faces. You Google and try to find out more or whatever you can about the series, but often get disappointed because Wikipedia can only do so much. The actual plot seems to have changed or maybe you just didn't get it, so you get confused, maybe even a little angry.


Then you start coming up with your own (but related) plot twists and potential loveteams. And if you get it right, you say this proudly and with conviction: “Sabi na eh!” 



Stage 3: Hoping for the Best but Expecting the Worst

At this point, you’ve watched too many K-dramas, are sort of used it to their kind of plot twist but you know the worst is yet to come. Even when you know that something tragic will happen in the series, you still hope with all your heart that the lead actors will have their own happy ending. You get so affected and disappointed that it ruins your day.



Stage 4: You Use Twitter to Release All Your Feels

We all try our best to contain all our feels. But when you just can’t handle it, you know that Twitter is your best friend. You tweet to calm yo self and ask friends, acquaintances the world wide web for validation. How could he do that to her???


You then go back to your marathon and enter the fifth stage.



Stage 5: “Wait, it’s over??? Nooooo!”

This is the moment when you panic because it’s the last episode. It's the end of an era. And you can’t believe it’s done because you still have questions left unanswered...or you just need more kilig moments to get you through the night.


But as with anything in life, we have to accept that all good things come to an end and the fact is your favorite K-drama has an end, too #sorry



Stage 6: You Find It Difficult to Move On

You know the facts but you still find it difficult to move on. You’re still not ready to accept that the drama you loved and looked forward to watching every day is already over. This makes you sad and emotional, especially when you see something that reminds you of your favorite series.


It’s also possible that friends would recommend other similar K-dramas you can watch. But you refuse because you still haven’t gotten over thelast one you saw. You need a little more time to recover. It’s like going through a breakup, but worse because wala ka nang magagawa.



Stage 7: Moved On and Ready To "Mingle"

Weeks pass and you slowly get over the K-drama were once in love with. Here in stage 7, you rarely associate the show with the things around you. THEN you spot your favorite Oppa in a new video clip posted by a friend or a K-drama fan page.


And before you know it, you'r back to stage 1—again! 



Watching K-dramas is something else. You have to be physically and emotionally prepared to watch one. It’s also important to you have a stable and reliable broadband plan so that you can stream with absolutely no interruption. That and because you'd want to be updated with the latest news and episodes of your favorite Oppa or Noona.