Back-to-School Essentials You Actually Need for the Whole Semester


To make going back to school fun for you, here are some essentials you should prepare—mobile Wi-Fi is one of them!



It’s that time of the year again! And no, it’s not Christmas or summer, rather the start of another academic year. As school approaches, you probably have mixed feelings. You're either excited to see your friends or you might dread waking up really early again. Nevertheless, it’s an opportunity to learn something new, experience new things and have a fresh start.


To make going back to school fun, here are some essentials you should prepare:


1. Planner/Organizer

Having a planner or organizer will teach you to be more organized and avoid missing deadlines. There are a variety of themed and colorful planners to choose from that fit your personality and help you stay motivated throughout the school year.


2. Pack of Pens

Buying a pack of pens is more efficient than buying one at a time. What’s more is that you won’t go through the hassle of buying a pen or borrowing from your classmates in case yours breaks, goes missing, or someone borrows it and never gives it back. 


3. Colored Pens

You can use it when checking someone’s quiz or paper, as well as make note-taking more fun. 


Colors can be a great way to remember things, as notes written with colored pens stick out in your mind faster than something written in black. So, always have one ready and be prepared to use it in many ways.


4. Mobile Wi-Fi

Now that gadgets have taken over our lives and internet has become the source for everything, it would be inconvenient not to have a mobile Wi-Fi.


This portable device would be very helpful in your studies such as when you suddenly encounter an entirely new word or topic, or when you’re doing your papers but the school doesn’t have Wi-Fi or still doesn't have the fastest internet in the Philippines.


5. Scientific Calculator 

No student can survive school or Math, in particular, without having a scientific calculator. While you can always borrow one, having your own is a must. 


6. USB Flash Drive 

A USB flash drive will make your educational life a breeze. From printing papers, sharing presentations and storing important school documents, a USB flash drive will make everything easier.


7. Binders

A binder is must to keep all your hardcopy files in place. Since it’s also very handy, you can just stash it in your bag and keep it safe when it rains. 


8. Highlighters

Highlighters can make studying and reading through all your textbooks easier and, well, more fun. Having highlighters can help you remember important information quickly (just like colored pens!), while the different colors can aid in organizing your thoughts.


9. Index Cards

Professors usually require index cards containing information about yourself. Aside from that, index cards are great for studying for quizzes and can also be used as cue cards when you have presentations. You know, for us who still like writing things down.


10. Water Bottle

Considering the tropical climate we have in the Philippines, having a water bottle is a must. Not to mention, healthy and cheaper since you don't have to keep buying bottled water every time you get thirsty. 


There you have it! The top 10 back to school essentials you should have for the coming school year. Good luck and have fun!