Consider These Things Before You Get Inked


It’s (sort of) a lifetime commitment, after all



Tattoos may not be as permanent as they once were, but that doesn’t mean you should take getting one lightly. There is a lot to consider before stepping into that tattoo parlor—so much more than just picking out a place and pattern.


Your pain tolerance

Getting inked is no walk in the park. There is always some level of pain involved and this generally depends on the placement and your pain tolerance. Avoid the ribs, your spinal area and the backs of your knee in particular. And if you’re even just a little finicky, always go for the meatier and less boney areas of your body.



Be timely

Sun exposure and water submersion can damage a new tattoo, so if you have a beach trip planned any time soon, push back your ink appointment. But don’t wait until the colder months either, because fabric might irritate the area. Your skin will be raw, so you’ll have to take the proper precautions.


Change your shower habits

That is, for the first few times after you first get your tattoo. You do not want to keep a scabbing tattoo wet for too long and you don’t want too-hot water touching it either. It’s best to keep these things in mind when choosing the surface for your ink.



Your finances

While there are cheap places to get inked, we advise against going to them. Invest some money into your tattoo so that you know it will come out the way you ask. Otherwise, you risk the possibility of it not turning out the way you want to—and then you’re stuck with it.


Research you artist

Choosing the right artist is almost as important as choosing the pattern. There are artists that specialize in clean and minimalist styles and there are others that do well with shading and colors. It would be best to follow the one you’re eyeing on social media just to be aware of what they can and cannot do. Read up on the comments from previous customers as well!



You’ll need to keep coming back

No matter how well you take care of it, you will have to get your tattoo touched up after several years. Your skin is constantly shedding layers, so your tattoo is likely to fade eventually. You should ask your parlor if they do touch ups for free or if they charge a fee.


While there is technology that covers up and removes tattoos now, you should still consider it a lifelong commitment. Be smart and give yourself the due diligence of thinking everything over. Also, do it sober—nothing is worse than getting a tattoo and regretting it after.