Do You Live To Work Or Work To Live?


Take this quiz to find out



According to experts, there are two kinds of people in the workforce: people who live to work and those that work to live. The former puts their job at the center of their lives regardless of pay grade while the latter view their careers as something that simply sustains their lifestyle and dependents. Which one are you? Find out below.



1. I just graduated and I’m looking for a job that…

a. I love and am passionate about

b. I like and can do well

c. Pays me well and has good benefits

d. Anywhere will do as long as I have a job


2. I have a job and I feel…

a. Excited to go to work every morning

b. Okay. There are good days and there are bad days

c. Nothing. I work to get paid

d. Like I have to drag myself out of bed to get to work



3. At work, the first thing I do is…

a. Check my work emails right away

b. Get coffee and check my emails

c. Get coffee or have breakfast at the office cafeteria

d. Gossip with work friends


4. After lunch, I’m thinking about…

a. My list of to-do’s for the day and the rest of the week

b. How much more work I need to get done

c. Traffic situation. Need to leave before 6

d. How many hours until 6PM



5. When the day is done…

a. I’m still working

b. Check if there are urgent emails and reply if it’s really important

c. Call it a day and switch off your phone

d. I left minutes before the day is done


6. When I have to work late…

a. I don’t mind, I just want to get the work done

b. If I have to, then okay

c. I don’t

d. I stay but I get really upset



7. Your boss just said, “Someone has to come to work on the weekend”

a. You raise your hand and say, “Sure I can come in”

b. You look around and all eyes are on you so you oblige

c. Weekends are for family, sorry

d. Am I getting paid for it?


8. You make a mistake so you…

a. Take responsibility and offer solutions

b. Own it and apologize

c. Pretend it never happened unless someone calls you out on it

d. Blame it on someone else



9. When a different team asks for your help and it’s outside your job description, you… 

a. Do everything they ask of you

b. Listen and help with what you can

c. Say it’s not my job

d. Volunteer someone else


10. When asked how long you see yourself in this job you say…

a. You’d like to work here until you retire

b. Just 3 to 5 years and let’s see after

c. Until I can get the pension

d. You don’t. You're just here until something better comes up



If your answers are:


Mostly a and/ b

You live to work. Your job is the source of meaning and satisfaction in your life. Money is not your prime motivation but is still important; after all you still need to make a living. Career is also how you measure your worth versus other people. 


You’re lucky to be working a job you love but remember that work is not everything and that it doesn’t define you. Sometimes you need to be reminded to draw the line between your personal and professional life. A tip from the experts, don’t take work personally.


Mostly c and/ d

You work to live. Your job is a means to an end and not that end itself as your interests and passions lie somewhere else. You make just the right amount of effort or less especially if it’s not in your job description. Also, your career is not the center of your life.


Take pride in what you do because half-assing the job is not cheating anyone but yourself. Who knows, if you put in the effort you might just learn to like what you do. You may also want to explore other things you can do for the company or pursue your passions on your spare time.