The Perks of Living On Your Own


There’s more to it than freedom



Once upon a time, it was unfathomable for an unwed Filipino to move out of his or her family home. But times have changed and the thinking is taking a turn, because more and more young professionals are seriously considering living on their own—but why?


Freedom. The biggest perk of living on your own is freedom. No one waiting for you to get home and no waking up to the knowledge that you will be questioned. There is no one around to answer to except yourself—and maybe those extra hours of sleep you’re going to miss.



Privacy. With freedom comes a level of privacy you never knew was available. For once, you do not have to lock the door if you want some time to yourself. For once, you won’t have to check over your shoulder before getting that last slice of cake.


Budgeting. Living on your own comes with responsibilities, the biggest of which are bills to pay. You’ll learn how to budget your money not in terms of how often you go out, but in terms of whether or not you still want a place to sleep in next month. You’ll have to search about what services give you the best bang for your buck based on what you really need.


Prioritize. But because you can’t blow your money off on every whim, you’re going to learn how to prioritize. What do you need and what can you live without? Would you rather have a proper breakfast or some Starbucks? That cocktail or that glass of wine (because some things never change)?


Decisiveness. Just the same, you’ll need to make decisions on your own. They might seem daunting at first, but you’ll get the hang of it eventually. Soon enough, you’ll be able to choose which among your options are right for you.


New waters. After the initial thrill wears off, everything will start to sink in. You’re on your own and you need to make yourself a home. There’s a new grocery store to get accustomed to, a new coffee shop at the street corner and new people to get acquainted with.



Fellowship. You won’t always like your neighbors, your landlord and maybe even your security personnel. But you’ll need to find a way to connect with them, because you’ll need them eventually. Whether it’s for some milk in the morning or helping you get your furniture inside.


Skills. Chances are, your laundry is taken care of at home, your floors are swept and your food is cooked for you. If you live on your own, you won’t have these luxuries—unless you want to pay to have them done—so you’ll need to learn how to do them on your own.



Discovery. With all that time to yourself and all the skills you’ve acquired, you’re bound to discover more of yourself. You’ll pick up hobbies you might never have considered and you might even leave behind things you once thought meant everything.


Adulting. Some people say you’re not a real adult until you live by yourself. In some ways, they’re right; you will never be fully independent unless you’re alone. So if you think you know what being an adult is like, get ready to get a slap of the real world.


Embrace the opportunity—you might never get it again.