3 Places Where Love Won This Year


Here, love always wins



If love knows no bounds, it also knows no gender. So why shouldn’t people with preferences different from the norm be denied the right to marry as they please? Times are a’changing and society is starting to embrace what’s unfamiliar to them. Here, we list down places that have allowed marriage equality for LGBTQIAs this 2017.



Dubbed among the world’s happiest countries, Finland had passed the same-sex marriage bill in 2015. Though last of the Nordics to instate the law, the important thing is that it came into force last March. What’s more, gender-neutral couples have also gained the legal right to adopt children.




President Michelle Bachelet of Chile had been vocal about her support for gender-neutral marriages even before her second presidential win (she first became president between 2006 and 2010). The Chilean government has since began consultations on a bill and should finalize July this year per Reuters.




On May 24, 2017, Taiwan became the first country in Asia to legislate same-sex marriage. Their previous civil code, which used to ban marriage equality for LGBTQIAs, has been found to “violate two articles of their constitution that protect human dignity and equality” by Taiwan’s Constitutional Court, thus the ruling.



Other countries expected to follow suit in the near future are Australia and Mexico. Here’s to hoping love makes its way to the rest of the world!