Gift Ideas For Dad This Father’s Day


Time to take some notes



The days are ticking by and we’re getting closer and closer to Father’s Day. Whether or not it’s normal for you to get your dad a gift, there’s no denying that he deserves something on the special day. He has, after all, been there for you through the years.


But what do you get a guy that has everything and has helped provide you with everything?


Something that relates to his favorite drink.

This depends on what your dad likes to have early in the morning or late at night. For those fathers who like their coffee, then you can get a machine or maybe beans to help him start his day right. On the other hand, if he likes his alcohol, you can get him his favorite bottle or even a book that generally discusses his drink of choice. 



Something that he’ll constantly use.

Trends come and go, but hygienic needs are forever. Give your dad an electric shaver to make his shaving routine easier for him and to keep his face on point. Just because he’s getting older doesn’t mean he wants to or should let his looks go. So why not make it easier for him?


Something that will keep his hands busy.

If your dad spent your childhood fixing your bikes and setting up your toys, chances are he loved to get his hands dirty. So give him that opportunity again by getting him some RC Cars or even a drone. Do make it a little personal by matching what you get with his personality, however. 



Something for his music.

Old school dads might get a kick out of playing vinyl music again, but those might be hard to come by. As a good alternative, get your dad a nice pair of earphones instead, which he can bring with him anytime. You can even go the extra mile by making him a playlist that you know he’ll love. And if you aren’t sure, then ask your mom—she knows everything!


Something he’ll remember.

Of course, you can always just take your dad out. Spend the day with him, take him to a restaurant that he favors or used to frequent, or get the family together. Do something a little out of the ordinary to mark Father’s Day, but just make sure that you’re with him for it. He’ll love whatever it is as long as you spend time together.




Mark your calendars for June 18th, when we all take some time to celebrate the first man of our lives!