Glossary Of Online Terms


They keep changing, but we have you covered



Online terminology has a very quick turnover. Even the most millennials of millennials sometimes have a difficult time keeping up. But because the terms are thrown around so often and within casual conversation, it seems almost a necessity to understand.


Fortunately, we have you covered.



To be honest, covfefe doesn’t actually have a meaning. It was a typo that US President Donald Trump left on his Twitter for far too long, which the internet world correspondingly had some fun with. Right now, it’s pretty much used to fill in random blanks in sentences that don’t necessarily make sense.


For example, Hit it with a dash of covfefe.




In television shows, movies or books, audiences normally have these two people that they want together—that’s what shipping means. Of course, this can also be applicable in real-life, like your friends that flirt with each other but still refuse to date.


For example, I ship Jughead and Betty so bad.


OTP (One True Pairing)

Very similar to ship is OTP. The main difference is that when a couple or non-couple is your OTP, it means you’re emotionally invested in them.


For example, Rory Gilmore and Jess Mariano are my OTP.



When one is shookt, one is experiencing several emotions at once. This surplus of emotions usually comes from a single event, whether fiction or nonfiction.


For example, The season finale of Sense8 has me shookt.  




Like all good words, lit means something bigger than its three-letter self. It basically means that something is popping or very enjoyable.


For example, I can’t believe you missed the party. It was so lit.



There are lots of terms we use for different parts of the body and cake is used specifically to describe a lady’s bottom. When you got it, flaunt it—but when you want to appreciate it, do it respectfully.


For example, Her cake look good in those jeans.



When you know what’s going on around you, the internet dubs you as a woke individual. It basically means that you know everything that’s happening with the world and are up to date in current events.


For example, Anderson Cooper is so woke.



Salt isn’t bitter, but in the online world, that’s what salty means. When you’re feeling annoyed or pissed, you’re basically being salty.


For example, She lost to her arch nemesis, so she’s feeling a little salty.




When you’re overly excited, you aren’t just thrilled, you’re turnt. So if you’re looking forward to an event and you can’t sit still because of it, then this word is for you.


For example, I’m so turnt for graduation.



For those times you want to describe something that is extravagant, over the top or excessive in anyway, say it’s extra. It may sound weird at the start because you’re used to the word partnering with another adjective, but you’ll get the hang of it eventually.


For example, Her outfit is so extra today.




Don’t forget that practice makes perfect. So even if you have a hard time mixing in these terms with your day to day conversations, don’t lose hope. You’ll get there.