Harry Potter Turned 20. Here’s Everything We Love About The Franchise


We will forever be thankful



Harry Potter turned a generation of non-believers into true followers. This is why, after so many years, the books and movies still have a certain power over us. Yesterday was the franchise’s 20th anniversary and—yes—we feel old, but we’re more grateful than anything. 



We fell in love with the characters.

Hermione, Ron and Harry are individuals that we grew up with. They were awkward when we were awkward and they found love when we did. When they lost, we lost and when they succeeded, we cheered. But the books and movies never forgot to praise its secondary cast, too.


Albus Dumbledore. Severus Snape. Sirus Black and Remus Lupin. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley. Ginny, Fred and George. Neville and Luna. Hagrid. Professor McGonagall. Dobby and Hedwig. These names carry weight with all of us and we mourned their death as if they were our friends—because they were.



It opened a new world.

The concept of wizardry, magic, dragons and broom flying is not exactly a novel one. But what JK Rowling did with Harry Potter was something of its own unmatched capacity. Its world became our second home when we didn’t know we needed one. We wanted that letter to arrive on our 11th birthdays, we wanted our own Nimbus 2000s and we wanted to be there at the Battle of Hogwarts.



It taught us so much.

The protagonists of the film taught us a lot: Lily taught us about the power of love. Hermione, Ron and Harry taught us about the power of friendship. Dobby and Hedwig taught us about loyalty. The Weasleys taught us about family—but it’s easy to learn from the heroes.


In Harry Potter, we learned from the villains, too. Voldemort taught us that life without (any kind of) love is useless. Draco taught us we aren’t all born evil. Dolores Umbridge taught us to question everything, even the highest of authorities. And Snape taught us that light can come from the darkest places.



The lessons will stay with us.

More than anything, we love how Harry Potter has stuck with us throughout the years and will continue to do so. It’s not a passing fad and it’s possible that nothing will encompass us as much as this franchise has. We will always come back to it.