How To Be A Non-Traditional Bride But Still Keep It Classy


Let’s not get too outrageous



Modernization is not a bad thing, especially when it gives us ease and the chance to show more of ourselves. If this is true for technology, then the same can be applied to almost everything else—wedding days included.



Girls, you know that the dress is one of the biggest things that go into a wedding. You probably had an ideal dress before you even met the man you’re going to marry. But it isn’t all princess cuts, lace veils and long trains anymore.


Take a page out of Solange Knowles’ book and substitute that train for a long cape instead. Or go completely modern like Olivia Palermo and rock a clean sweater paired with tulle skirt. Or if you do have an eye for the classic style, then you can play it up with colors instead. Go for something pastel to make sure your look still stays timeless.




For a more subtle form of rebellion, kick the white pumps away and go for something a little less expected. It could mean a bright color, a different style or even something belonging to a different shoe-family altogether.


Go for a pump in your favorite color. Try on a heeled sandal that will give you the height with a bit more breathing room. Try a flat sandal or a sneaker to make sure you’re comfortable throughout the day’s festivities.




Getting married in a church will always be the classic go-to, especially for brides in the Philippines. But for those of that don’t feel like “church wedding” screams you, there are other options available. Sure, you can go for a beach or garden wedding, but why not change it up even more?


Get married in your family home, a restaurant that means a lot to you, a decked-out movie theater or the rooftop of one of the Metro’s highest buildings. Or, if you and your husband-to-be do want to get married in a religious space, then look into the quaint little chapels littered around the Philippines instead of opting for a big cathedral.




Choosing people to be in your wedding party can get stressful—especially when you don’t have anyone to fit the role. If you’re a girl that’s closer to the boys or the eldest in a family with no new generation yet, fear not—there are ways around it.


Your entourage does not need to be strictly filled with women. Your flower girl does not need to be little girl. It’s all about the people closest to you being part of your big day and showing their support. Just ask this grown man who volunteered to be the flower girl at his cousin’s wedding.



Overall Theme

White, flowers, drapery and formality are well and good, but it just doesn’t suit everybody. Couples who are passionate about a common thing can attest to this strongly. That’s why so many modern couples are opting for themes that are a little less classic and way more outgoing.




When it comes down to it, a wedding should be your own, not what someone that wrote a book once said. It’s your and your fiancé’s day—make it so.