Take On Motherhood In Style. Here’s How


Because moms deserve to look and feel good


Motherhood changes everything about a woman; it changes her body, her priorities, her whole life. Instinctively, everything becomes about a small, helpless human being. ‘The food at home needs to be healthy’ or ‘the furniture needs to be baby-proofed!’ are just some of the phrases she now throws around. Her carefully planned outfits turn to whatever she gets her hands on in the morning, high heels are traded in for comfy flats and makeup, who has the time?!


Maybe in the first few months of motherhood, this is okay. But once you’ve settled in your new role, you gotta make time. Don’t do it for the kids, for the hubby or for anyone else. Do it for you because you deserve to look and feel good.


1 Invest in multi-tasking beauty products

Everyone woman knows putting on a face takes time. That’s why many moms just forego it and that’s cool. But if you want to look a little extra or add some color to your face, we suggest getting your hands on products that work as hard as you do.


For perfect but effortless brows, go for Happy Skin, Bullseye Eyebrow Perfect Trio, P899. It has an eyebrow pencil tip, a brow-perfecting powder tip and a spoolie grooming brush


2 One word: monochrome

It’s hard to put together an outfit every single morning, especially if you’re a working mom. So make it effortless and go for foolproof pairings like monochrome. Trust us, one can never go wrong with an all black or white outfit. Moms can also opt for a functional but stylish jumpsuit in a solid hue.


Mango, Long Wrapped Jumpsuit, P2,995.


3 Stash all your essentials in one big bag and get a bag organizer

Moms with infants or toddlers always have more than one bag with them—mom’s bag, diaper bag, bottle bags, extra bags, etc. How about just carrying one stylish big bag and segregating your things and your child’s with a bag organizer? This way, you’ll learn to edit down to the bare necessities and your focus will be on your precious little one.


Get carried away in a reversible tote you can use everyday even on weekends. Try on ZALORA Reversible Tote Bag With Cardholder, P1,299 NOW P1,049 for size.