The Best Hugots: Heartbreakingly Hilarious Facebook Pages To Follow


#Hugots are here to stay, so we might as well have fun with them



A few years ago, the term hugot was born and the Filipino rejoiced. They finally had a word to describe all the heartbroken feelings they had, and they rolled with it through and through. Even now, #hugot still resonates with many of us, except they’ve become a source of laughter as well.




True to its name, HugotSnap presents some lonely statements in Snapchat form. It’s simple, effective and—by the amount of followers the page has—completely relatable. But if you don’t take it to heart, you’ll notice how completely witty the statements are and how they showcase some classic Pinoy wordplay.


Hugot Pag-Ibig


Then again, some funny lines are less subtle and just get right down to it. And sometimes, that’s exactly what you need. No going around the bush, no playing games—just whatever you need when you need it.


Hugot Lines


The best hugots are the most honest ones and Hugot Lines is nothing if not full of honest sentiments. They’re direct and clearly targeted at someone. But what makes it so relatable is that the short notes are all addressed to someone we’ve (fortunately or unfortunately) come across in our lives.


Hugot Lalake


Don’t let the name fool you, Hugot Lalake is not as macho as it may seem. It instead plays on the ever-constant idea of being in the friendzone and not being able to make the jump to something more. And what is unrequited love if not a universal feeling?


Hugot List


Most of the time, hugots come from the single people of the world. But just because this is so, doesn’t mean those in relationships don’t feel them, too. Hugot List is a melting pot for all types of people, including the single broken hearted and the miserably in love.


There’s comfort in knowing you aren’t alone, but these pages prove that there is also humor to be found in the loneliest circumstances.