These Videos Will Make You Happy Cry


Time for a change in pace



There’s been a surplus of heart wrenching videos lately and we’re all a little tired from crying our eyes out. From a father that left one important to-do for his son, to a guy that was willing to step back for his best friend’s happiness, it’s been a pretty dark time. But there is still good in the world and we’re here to embrace this whole heartedly.


Colorblind Dad Sees Color For The First Time

We often take it for granted, but seeing color is an impossibility for some people—or at least, it used to be. Technology has helped individuals overcome this and there are grown people seeing color for the first time everywhere.



What made us cry: When the mom says, “Look at your kids’ eyes. They’re so pretty.”


Baby Hears Mom’s Voice

Chances are, you were sung to sleep by your mother’s lullabies. More often than not, it’s likely her voice you look for when the tough gets going. For this mother and child, their first vocal exchange was immortalized in a heartwarming clip.



What made us cry: That look of acknowledgement on the baby’s face.


Daughter Asks Step-Dad To Adopt Her

Parents come in all shapes and forms and biology sometimes has little to do with it. In this video, a young woman asks her step-dad to adopt her and he admits having wanted to do so forever. Is it just us or is there something extra touching about grown men crying?



What made us cry: When he realized what his gift actually was.


Dad’s Epic Wedding Speech

Dads are notorious for being protective of their daughters, but this is just because they want only the best for their little girls. They can be controlling and they can overreact, but they know when something—or someone—is good enough.



What made us cry: When dad just wanted his daughter to be happy.


Soldiers Coming Home

Being away from family can be tough, especially when you don’t know when or if you’ll ever see them again. And when the reunion catches you by surprise, there is that moment of denial before you drown in gratefulness.




What made us cry: The looks and exclamations of complete gratitude.


It’s never bad to get in touch with our feelings, but sometimes a different subject is necessary for our emotional sanity.