Feel-Good IG Accounts To Follow To Counter The Weekday Blues


These feeds pretty much sum up all our feels



Being an adult is exhausting, regardless if you like your job or not. You will have weeklong spells when you just don’t feel like going to work or feel like the days are moving too slow yet too fast (‘ugh it’s Monday again’ then ‘OMG it’s Thursday and I still have so much to do!!’). We feel ya. But we all have to work to live, right? So we’re sharing some feel-good vibes care of these Instagram accounts to help you get through the workweek.



Don’t judge the handle. Psychogeneration’s feed features tongue-in-cheek pieces of art, movie stills and other imagery with some pretty powerful messages. Often times, it echoes all the feels—the good, the bad and the in between—of this generation.



#ThePLAN is to create the life that YOU want. So go do you.



Tough week? Remember, it’s just work. It doesn’t make up you’re entire life.



Yaaas! Because gender equality. Trash stereotypes!



Nothing like cute animal photos to get you through Monday to Friday. Our ultimate favorites below!



Hang in there. It’s almost Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday.



Fridays be like.



When you’re working with eager beavers, in this case dogs, at work and you just want to get your work done and go home (that cutie at the top left photo).



Sino Pinas is an account dedicated to highlighting the most beautiful destinations in the country. So when you need a mental escape from the daily grind or planning where to go on your next VL, Sino Pinas is the ultimate #inspo.



Summer weekend vibes.



Can weekdays float by like this?



When you have more than just career goals.






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