5 Tips for Smelling Fresh In The Summer Heat


Stay fresh without breaking the bank



This season is always the time to let loose and go a little crazier than normal. Blame it on summer activities that require us to get off our behinds and be a little more active and sociable. But while it’s always fun, it usually leaves us feeling less than fresh. But at least there are small things we can do to help us smell like it.



Invest In Fabric Softener

No matter what perfume you wear, it will always die away with the day. So if you’re staying out for long hours, we suggest to stick your scent to your fabrics. Use a fragrant fabric softener so that your chosen smell will linger in your clothes as you go about your summer activities.


Stick To One Scent

Another trick to keep you smelling fresh is to just stick to one scent. If you want to smell like lavender, then make sure your shampoo, body lotion and even shower gel all follow the theme. This will help ensure that the smell will stay with you longer.


Mix Your Sunblock With Something Fragrant

Using sunblock—even when you aren’t at the beach—is essential. But if you don’t want to have that sunblock smell on you the entire day, cheat it by mixing in some oils. But make sure not to mix smells if you're not sure; use this trick for non-scented sunblock.



Cool Your Perfume

We mean this literally; stick that bottle in the refrigerator. This will preserve the perfume’s strength and quality, but it will also help it last longer when applied. And let’s be honest, it would be amazingly refreshing to spritz on.


Shower Every Chance You Get

This is really a no-brainer, but it really is serious stuff. There probably isn’t a more effective way to smelling and feeling fresh than taking constant showers. Whoever said you shouldn’t wash your hair everyday did not live in a tropical country.