Gift Ideas For The Amazing Women In Our Life


Don’t panic, there’s still time before Mother’s Day



First of all, Mothers’ Day is on May 14, which means you still have a few days to get that lovely lady something for her special day. It’s an over-said cliché at this point, but she really does deserve the world. You know it’s true, so don’t miss the chance to pay it forward.


Help her relax

Whether or not your mom is a working woman, we guarantee that her life is stressful. There’s always something to take care of and there’s always someone to look after or check in on. So for Mother’s Day, give her something that will help her breathe a little easier.


A relatively safe bet is to give her a gift certificate for a spa. That way, she can choose what treatments to get done and how she wants to spend the credit. If you know what she likes, then you can be more specific. But the other option is to get her something that can help her relax at home, like an at-home foot spa massager, or a massage cushion for her back and neck.



Make her feel unique

When a girl has everything, it gets harder to choose a gift. So take it up a notch and get her something personalized. It can be anything from a passport holder to a notebook, or a coffee mug and an eco-bag. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, it just needs to be something useful that has a personal touch. And to make it even more so, slip in a little note to ensure she feels appreciated.


Make her feel young

If your mom can take it and if she loves to feel youthful, then take her to an adult playground. Several have been popping up over the Metro recently, and they’re catered to make adults feel like children again. Take your mom to Ball Pit Manila (Makati City), Jump Yard (Pasig City) or to Trampoline Park (Mandaluyong City). But if she doesn’t have the energy for something that active, then opt for a day at Sip and Gogh (Quezon City) or Hobbes and Landes (yes, they let you paint mugs).



Spend time with her

Cheesy, yes—but effective and incredibly heartfelt. Buy the groceries and make dinner for/with her, even if you aren’t great in the kitchen. Ask her what she wants to do and offer to keep her company. Join her in the activities listed above. She’ll appreciate it like nothing else.