The Funniest Web Comics To Follow On Facebook


They’ll have you relating, laughing and crying. 



If there’s one app on every smartphone in the world, it’s Facebook. It’s a pot of everything – news, photos, videos, games and messaging. But despite all the haters, trolls and horrible news, there are still glimpses of fun that we sometimes come by. And if you want more of these moments, then we suggest to follow these web comic pages.


The Oatmeal 

Image from Facebook/The Oatmeal


If your sense of humor is a little darker than most people’s, then we’re willing to bet that you’ll enjoy The Oatmeal. The characters used are quite straightforward, and the artist knows exactly how to poke fun at international issues. And did we mention that the page also dabbles in some animal fun?


Hyperbole And A Half

Image from Facebook/Hyperbole and a Half


To put it bluntly, Hyperbole And A Half is funny because of its weird stupidity. The artist puts personalities to different lifeless things, mixes in some conversations and the result is a hilarious comic that both puzzles and tickles its readers.


Hunghang Flashbacks

Image from Facebook/Hunghang Flashbacks


We Filipinos have a lot more in common with each other than we like to admit, and Hunghang Flashbacks likes to make fun of these things. An overprotective parent? Check. Not knowing how to flirt and being a little too obvious about it? Check. Low on budget? Done. 


Little Things Ph

Image from Facebook/Little Things PH


Just as the name suggests, Little Things PH is all about those mundane thoughts that we often have. The artists covers everything from love to social media lies, and politics to getting tired of the daily grind. You’ll find yourself in so many of the comic strips, you might just be scrolling for hours.


Owlturd Comix

Image from Facebook/Owlturd Comix


There are things that go on in our heads that we dare not say or share. Well, Owlturd Comix is not afraid to make those thoughts public, which is what makes the entire thing both scary and funny. It’s your darkest and sometimes most private imaginings presented right in front of you.


One of the easiest ways to make life more fun is to make fun of it. Follow these pages and we’re sure you’ll smile during your commute, your break or even in those short times in between answering emails.